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Interested in how the brain controls the body's voluntary action

behavioral neuro scientist

fundamental units of the nervous system are nerve cells call


Nervous system contain not only neurons, but also other cells called

glial cells

Glial cells do the following functions

They nourish nerve cells
They help repair damage that mi ght occur to neurons

The main reason the neurons can commucate over relatively great distances within the body is the fact that neurons contain:

a variety of transmitters

Branch like fibers extending in clusters from the neuron's cell body are called


compared your forearm, hand and fingers to a neuron: what would the dendrites be in comparison


an axon is

long, tubelike structure extending from a neuron's cell body

Comparing your forearm, hand, and fingers to a neuron, the axon would be your


Dendrite is to axon as

receiving; sending

Which structures are expecially important for communication between one neuron and another

axons and dendrites

Terminal buttons are found at the ends of


What is the correct sequence arranges nervous system structures from the most general to the most specific

neuron > axon> terminal button

Which of the following sequences accurately reflects the route folllowed by nerve implulses when one neuron communicates with another

dendrite>cell body>axon

What is like coating over electrical wires that is performed in the nervous system


Action pootentials are

Action potentialscan travel at different speeds along different axons,
Along a given axon come action potentials are stronger than others
Some neurons can fire action potential at faster rates than other neurons can

Action potential follow what law?

all or none

As an action potential occurs the neuron's electrical charge:

changes from negative to positive

Infants imitating adult's facial expressions of emotion this is known as ?

Mirror neurons

Regarding mirror neurons they involve what?

Meirror neurons are i nvolved empathy, language acquisition and face recognitions.

Intraneuron is to interneuron as _______communication is to _________communication

electrical; chemical

A synapse is a


Regarding nerurotransmission, these statements are true

Neurotransmitters may decrease the likelihood that a receiving neuron will fire
A given neuron dendrites receive eith only excitatory or only inhibitory messages.

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