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Test review

Thomas Aquinas' defintion of "law"

a law is for the common good and from a proper and legitimate authority:

3 general precepts of the natural law


What are the 4 types of law?

natural law, civil law, revealed law, and canon

What are the 3 types of law found in the New Law of Christ?

love, grace, and freedom

How does Hammurabi Code of Law compare to the 10 Commandmants?

It has much harsher consequences

What is the Latin word for "grace" and what is its meaning?

gratia - means "gift"

How is "merit" related to "grace"?

connected to grace because God loves us so much that he gives us the grace

How can we achieve holiness?

through self denial, penance, and mortification

What motto sums up how we can achieve holiness?

"no cross, no crown"

What are the two books of the Bible where the 10 Commandments are found?

Exodus and Deuderomety

Which two church councils taiught us the seriousness of of obligation to keep the 10 Commandments?

Trent and Vatican II

What does sanctifying grace do for us?

to live a God's children and have eternal life; restores us to original holiness

What are the 3 ways we fullfil our vocation to live a life of holiness?

denial, penance, and moritfication (being humbled)

What are the 3 ways we do good when we live holy and moral lives joined to Christ in the Eucharist?

worship God; witnessing to other people; following the moral laws

Explain how the Precept of the Church"attending mass" helps us to have a moral life?...

by recieivng communion we become more holy

How does the Precept of the Church "observe the holy days of the church" help us to live a more moral life?...

observing and fasting makes us remember Jesus' suffereing - it humbles us

How does the Precept of the Church to "provide for the needs of the church" lead us to a more moral life?...

Teaches us self-sacrifice and responsibility

How does the Precept of fasting and self-denial lead us to a more moral life? ...

Teaches us self-discipline and self-control

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