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Music 100 Ch.6

The Middle Ages spans a time period nearly______ years of European History.
The official music of the Catholic Church in the Middle ages is called_______?
Because plainchant lacks a distinctive beat, it is referred to as ________?
Reciting Tone
In Gregorian recitation, the pitch on which the text is sung.
Which statement is false about plainchant?
Plainchant is based on the major/minor system.
The plainchant "In paradisum" is meant to be sung_____?
While processing to the graveyard.
Abbess Hildegard Bingen, famous for her book of mystical visions, was also _____?
A poet and a Composer.
The medieval Poet-musicians of Germany.
Troubadour songs, like hymns and most folk songs, set all stanzas of the poem to the same melody, resulting in a form known as______?
The first step in the development of organum was ______?
Adding a second melody that moved parallel to the original chant, note by note.
Master Leonin and his follower Perotin are known as part of the _____of organum.
Notre Dame School.
"Summer is Icumen In" is an example of a _____?
The structural technique of repeating long rhythmic patterns over and over at different pitch levels each time.
"Dame, de qui toute ma joie vient" is an example of _____?
The technique that Machuat is known for in his chansons is_____?
Non-Imitative Polyphony.