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the production and perception of language sounds.


unique speech sounds

of the _____ phonemes that comprise human languages, English is composed of _____.



the rules for forming words from sounds
(ex, the typical rule for forming plurals in english is to add an "s")


the rules for forming sentences from words
(ex. verb, object, subject orderings)

(Syntax) What order would correspond with actvie voice?


(Syntax) What order would correspond with passive voice?



the aspects of language that concern meaning (ex. I am feeling blue today)


Rules that specify how language should be used in different context.
(ex. asking questions as polite commands, varies by social context)

(Developmental Milestones of Language) Cooing

3-5 weeks
melodic qualities

(Developmental Milestones of Language) Babbling

4-6 months

(Developmental Milestones of Language) Phoneme Restriction

8 months

(Developmental Milestones of Language) Unused phonemes discarded

12 months

(Developmental Milestones of Language) Telegraphic Speech

18-24 months
2-3 word sentences

(Developmental Milestones of Language)Compleate sentences

2-5 years

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