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CP 31 Family Influences on Child Health Promotion

What is the Family Systems Theory?
The focus is on the interaction of family members within the large environments.
What is the Family Stress Theory?
Crisis interventions strategies are employed to help family members cope with the challenging event.
What is the Developmental Theory?
The nurse provides anticipatory guidance to prepare members for transition to the next family stage.
What are Consanguineous families?
Blood related families.
What are Affinal families?
Marriage related families.
What is a family of origin?
The family you are born into.
Why is the term household frequently used?
To accomodate the variety of family styles.
What do older siblings attempt to do?
Dominate younger siblings.
What do younger siblings develop due to older sibling domination?
Interpersonal skills, ability to negotiate, and an ability to accept unfavorable outcomes to a greater extent then older siblings.
What do later born children develop more easily than first borns?
Ability to make friends and are more outgoing.
What are characteristics of firstborn children?
More achievement oriented, dominate, receive more physical punishment, have stronger consciences; are more self-disciplined and inner direction, are more socially anxious, are prone to feelings of guilt, identify more with parents then with peers, are more conservative, are subject to greater parental expectations, begin to speak early in life, demonstrate higher intellectual achievement, plan better and experience fewer frustrations.
What are characteristics of a middle child?
Have more demands made on them for household help, are praised less often, receive less of parents time, learn to compensate and be adaptable, are less stimulated toward achievement, are more difficult to characterize because of a variety of positions in the family.
What are characteristics of the youngest child?
Less dependent than first born children, are less tense, more affectionate and more good-natured, tend to identify more with peer group than with parents, are more flexible in their thinking, have fewer demands placed on them for household help.
What are the characteristics of an only child?
Resemble firstborn children, are more mature and cultivated, experience greater parental pressure for mature behavior and achievement, demonstrate superiority in language facility, rarely develop into the stereotype of a spoiled selfish child. Often enjoy rich fantasy life as result of isolation.
What are the different types of twins?
Identical (Monozygotic), or Fraternal (Dizygotic).
What are characteristics of Monozygotic Twins?
Result of one fertilized ovum that became separated early in development, alike physically and genetically, same same, frequency occurs uniformly in all populations, tendency unaffected by heredity, similar behavior.
What are characteristics of Dizygotic Twins?
Result of fertilization of two ova, differ physically and genetically, may be same or opposite sex, frequency varies among races, most common with advanced maternal age, marked familial tendency, expressed only in the female, father transmits disposition to daughters to double ovulate, dissimilar behavior.
Why is the relationship in twins special?
They tend to work out a relationship that is reasonably satisfactory to both and demonstrate early independence from parental attention.
What type of play to twins tend to do?
Cooperative play.
What is common in twinship with personality?
One member of the pair tenders to be more dominant, outgoing, and assertive then the other. The other passive twin is able to accomplish as much and get his or way as frequently as the other.
What is Authoritarian or Dictatorial Parenting?
Try to control their children's behaviors and attitudes through unquestioned mandates. Establishing rules and regulations or standards of conducts that expected to be followed.
What is Permissive or Laissez-Faire parenting?
Exert little or no control over their childrens actions. They avoid imposing their own stands of conduct and allow their children to regulate their own activity as much as possible.
What is Authoritative or Democratic parenting?
Combine practices from both Permissive and Authoritarian parenting styles. They direct their childrens behavior and attitudes by emphasizing reasons for rules and negatively reinforcing deviations. They respect the childs individual nature.
What do children learn through positive or negative reinforcement?
Behavior that is rewarded with be repeated; behavior that is not rewarded will be extinguished.
What do children learn through ignoring?
The behavior will eventually be extinguished or minimize the act.