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what are meninges

three consecutive tissues that surround the brain and spinal cord

what are the three meninges

dura mater, arachnoid, pia mater

what is dura mater

outer msot membrane made of white fibrous connective tissue

what are the two layers of dura mater

cranial/periosteal dura mater and meningeal dura mater

what is cranial/periosteal dura mater

makes direct contact with cranial bones

what is meningeal dura mater

found below and separate from cranial dura mater

what are venous blood sinuses

some areas of the meningeal dura mater that are layers separates by spaces filled with blood (ex.: superior sagittal sinus)

what else can happen in meningeal DM

in other areas the two layers of the meningeal DM are fused and form a partition (ex.: falx cerebri-between two cerebral hemispheres and falx cerebelli-between cerebrum and cerebellum)

what covers the spinal cord

one layer called the meningeal or spinal DM that is continuous with meningeal DM of brain

what is subdural space

potential free space located between the meningeal DM of brain and spinal cord and the arachnoid membrane (Second meninge) ex.: subdural hematoma

what is arachnoid

the middle meninge

what is the arachnoid membrane

adjacent to meningeal DM of brain and spinal cord

what is the arachnoid trabeculae

fine partitions that create compatments within sub-arachnoid space below arachnoid membrane

what is sub-arachnoid space

space filled with cerebrospinal fluid (contains small arterioles)

what is the pia mater

inner meninge that is highly vascularized and is in direct contact with brain and spinal cord

what is meningitis

inflammation of meninges caused by bacterial or viral infections

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