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Superior Rectus
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Optic NerveIdentify the structureScleraIdentify the structure.Upper eyelidIdentify the structure.Lower eyelidIdentify the structure.CorneaIdentify the structure.ChoroidIdentify the structure.LensIdentify the structure.Ciliary bodyIdentify the entire structure.Suspensory ligamentsIdentify the structure.PupilIdentify the opening.IrisIdentify the structure.Optic DiscIdentify the structure.Macula luteaIdentify the structure.Fovea centralisIdentify the structure.Vitreous humorIdentify the fluid.Vitreous chamberWhat chamber of the eye can this fluid be found within?Anterior chamberWhat region of the eye is from the cornea to the iris?Posterior chamberWhat region of the eye is from the iris to the lens?GlaucomaWhat condition is caused by a build up of intraocular pressure due to poor draining of the aqueous humor?CataractsA condition that is caused by a clouding of the lens.AstigmatismA visual impairment that is caused by an irregular curvature of the lens and/or corneaMyopiaA condition in which the visual images come to focus in front of the retina of the eye.HyperopiaA condition in which the visual images come to focus behind the retina of the eye.EmmetropiaNormal eye. Able to accommodate properly.Sensory TunicIdentify the layer.ConjunctivaIdentify the membrane.ConjunctivitisWhat is the name of the condition that results in the inflammation of this membrane?Aqueous humorWhat is the name of the fluid found within this chamber of the eye?vitreous chamberWhat region of the eye extends from the lens to the retina?fibrous tunicIdentify the layervascular tunicIdentify the layer