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  1. creativity
  2. acoustic encoding
  3. availability heuristic
  4. mood congruent memory
  5. effortful processing
  1. a teh encoding of sound, especially teh sound of words
  2. b the ability to produce novel and valuable ideas
  3. c estimating teh likelihood of events based on their availability in memory if instances becoem readily to mind
  4. d encoding that requires attention and conscious effort
  5. e the tendency to recall expereinces that are consistent with one's current good or bad mood

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  1. activated memory that holds a few items briefly, such as the 7 digits of a phone number
  2. a tendency to search for information that supports our preconceptions and to ignore or distort contradictory evidence
  3. defined originally as teh ratio of mental age to chronological age multiplied by 100.
  4. mental quality consisting of teh ability to learn from expereinec, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations
  5. a mental grouping of similar objects events ideas or people

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  1. hippocampusa neural center that is located in teh limbic system; helps process memories for storage


  2. prototypethe retention of encodied information over time


  3. encodingthe activation often unconsciously of particular associations in memory


  4. imageryin a language, a system of rules that enables us to communicate with and understand others


  5. spacing effectthe teneecny for distributed study or practive to yeidl better long-term retention than is acheived through masssed study or practive