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  1. mnemonics
  2. serial position effect
  3. prototype
  4. mental age
  5. acoustic encoding
  1. a memory aids, especially those techniques that use vivd imagery and organization devices
  2. b a measure of intelligence test devised by Binet; the chronological agethat most typically corresponds to a given level of performance. Thus achild who does as well as teh average 8 yr old is said to have a mental age of 8
  3. c a mental image or best example of a category. matching new items to a prototype provides a quick and easy method for sorting items into catagories.
  4. d teh encoding of sound, especially teh sound of words
  5. e our tendency to recall best teh last and first items in a list

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  1. test designed to predict a person's future performacne aptitude is the capacity to learn
  2. encoding that requires attention and conscious effort
  3. estimating teh likelihood of events based on their availability in memory if instances becoem readily to mind
  4. the disruptive effect of prior learning on teh recall of new information
  5. the immediate very brief recording of sensory information in teh memory system

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  1. visual encodingthe encoding of picture images


  2. reliabilitythe extent to which a test yeilds consistent results as assessed by teh consistency of scores on two havles of the test


  3. repressiona measure of memory in which the person need only identify items previously learned as on a multiple choice test


  4. general intelligence (g)the ability to perceive understand, manage and use emotions


  5. storagethe retention of encodied information over time


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