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  1. monocot
  2. root cap
  3. rhyzoid
  4. sporophyte
  5. gymnosperm
  1. a A plant that produces seeds that are not enclosed in a fruit
  2. b A structure that covers the tip of a root, protecting the root from injury
  3. c An angiosperm with one cotyledon
  4. d A thin, rootlike stucture that anchors a moss and absords water and nutrients
  5. e The stage in the life cycle of a plant that produces spores

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  1. A fertilized egg, produced by the joining of the sperm and an egg
  2. A female roroductive organ of a flower
  3. The stage in the life cycle of a plant in which the plant produces gametes of sex cells
  4. A low growing plant that lacks true vascular tissue
  5. The vascular tissue throgh which water and nutrient move in some palnts

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  1. embryoA flower structure that encloses and protects the ovules as the seed develop


  2. ovuleThe struclure that contains an egg cell


  3. phloemThe vascular tissue that moves food through a plant


  4. frondA leaf of a fern plant


  5. dicotAn angiosperm with one cotyledon