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  1. nonvascular
  2. pollination
  3. gymnosperm
  4. fruit
  5. seed
  1. a The ripened ovary of a flower
  2. b The transfer of pollen from the anthers to the pistil
  3. c A plant that produces seeds that are not enclosed in a fruit
  4. d A low growing plant that lacks true vascular tissue
  5. e The plant structure that contains a young plant inside a protective covering

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  1. A female roroductive organ of a flower
  2. The vascular tissue that moves food through a plant
  3. The vascular tissue throgh which water and nutrient move in some palnts
  4. An angiosperm with one cotyledon
  5. A seed leaf

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  1. flowerA reproductive structure of an angiosperm


  2. zygoteAn angiospern with two cotyledons


  3. ovuleThe struclure that contains an egg cell


  4. vascular tissueA plant that has true vascular tissue


  5. transpirationThe transfer of pollen from the anthers to the pistil