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The main purpose of descriptive statistics is to

summarize data in a useful and informativie manner

The incomes of a group of 50 loan applications are obtained. Which level of measurement is income?


When TV advertisements report "2 our of 3 dentists surveyed indicated they would recommend Brand X toothpaste to their patients" an informed consumer may question the conclusion because

the advertisement does not include the total number of dentists surveyed

A bank asks customers to evaluate the drive-thru service as good, average, or poor. Which level of measurement is this classification?


What is a portion or part of a population called?


A marketing class of 50 students evaluated the instructor using the following scale: superior, good, average, poor, and inferior. The descriptive summary showed the following survey results: 2 % superior, 8% good, 45% average, 45 % poor, and 0% inferior.

Most students rated the instructor as poor or average

Which word is not part of the devinition of descriptive statistics? Organizing, Analyzing, Presenting, Predicting


The reported unemployment is 5.5% of the population. What type of scale is used to measure unemployment?

Interval or ratio

What type of variable is the number of gallons of gasoline pumped by a filling station during a day?


What type of variable is the number of robberies reported in your city


Level of measurement:
The number of papers sold each Sunday during 2009


level of measurement
The departments, such as editorial, advertising, sports, etc


level of measurement:
A summary of the number of papers sold by county


level of measurement:
The number of years employed by the newspaper for each employee


sample or population:
the participants in a study of a new cholesterol drug?


sample of population:
the drivers who received a speeding ticket in Kansas City last month


sample or population
Those on welfare in Cook County (chicago) Illinois


sample or population
the 30 stocks reported as a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average


In a marketing study, 100 consumers were asked to select the best digital music player from the iPod, the iRiver, and the Magic Star MP3. To summarize the consumer responses with a frequency table, how many classes would the frequency table have?


A set of data consists of 45 observations between $0 and $29.
a. how many classes would you recommend for the frequency distribution?
b. What class interval would you recommend? Round your answer to the nearest whole number?

a. 6 (use the 2 to the K rule 2^6)
b. 5 (29-0/6= 4.83 or 5

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