Social Engineering Attacks


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This is a human or software-based attack in which the goal is to pretend to be someone else for the purpose of concealing their identity. Spoofing can occur by using IP addresses, a network adapter's hardware media access control (MAC) addresses and email.
This is a human-based attack in which an attacker pretends to be someone he is not.
Common type of email-based social engineering attack. The attacker sends an email message that seems to come from a respected bank or other financial institution.
Human-based attack for which the goal is to extract personal, financial, or confidential information from the victim by using services such as the telephone system and IP-based voice messaging services such as VoIP as the communication medium. Voice phishing
Targets individuals who are known to be upper-level executives or other high-profile employees. AKA spear phishing.
Spam and Spim
Spam is an email-based threat in which the user's inbox is flooded with email messages that act as vehicles carrying advertising material for products or promotions for get-rich-quick schemes and can sometimes deliver viruses or malware.
Any type of incorrect or misleading information that is disseminated to multiple users through unofficial channels.