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Holy Spirit

the sanctifier, one of three persons in one God, guides the Church and gives it strength and courage


Jesus' return to the Father


10 days after the Ascension, the day on which the Holy Spirit came down to the Apostles


a gathering of believers who are baptized in the name of Jesus and carry out the mission of the Church


the unconsecrated, single or married, divorced or widowed, young or old


deacons, priests, and bishops


those consecrated to religious life by vows

Roman Catholicism

the main trunk of Christianity

Protestant Christians

do not follow the Pope, only use Scripture

Orthodox Christians

similar to Catholics, first to break away


beliefs and dogmas essential to Catholicism


religious practices not essential to the faith


three distinct persons in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit


the son of God made flesh in Jesus


Jesus rose from the dead on the third day

Immaculate Conception

Mary was conceived without Original Sin

Assumption of Mary

Mary was taken into heaven, body and soul

Communion of Saints

a bond of God's life of love between all people tryiung to live the Gospel of Jesus and al lthe faithful people who have died

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