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Political Science

The National Origins Quota System
allowed a large quota of new immigrants from northern European countries but only a small quota of new immigrants from eastern and southern european countries
the newest federal cabinet department is
homeland security
the belief that you can influence how your government acts is called
political efficacy
if the government were controlled by a small group of wealthy landowners and corporate leaders, this would be best described as
an oligarchy
The bill of rights was designed to protect
political apathy among americans hurts which core political value the most
what is the principle difference between an autocracy and an oligarchy
the number of people in charge
the belief that political authority should rest with the people themselves is called
popular sovereignty
low voter turnout and political apathy endanger
A representative democracy is a system of government that
gives citizens a regular opportunity to elect top government officials
the struggle of competing interest groups for governmental influence is called
The first prerequisite to increasing political efficacy is
increasing political knowledge
bicameralism is a constitutional principle that means the
division of congress into two chambers
James Madison believed that in the constitutional convention the greatest conflict of interests was between
northern states and southern states
the supremacy clause
announces that the constitution and all laws made under it are superior to any state laws
Under the articles of confederation, the relationship between the states and the federal government can bes be compared to
the united Nations' relationship with member states
electoral college is
designed to select the president
which of the following powers are not explicitly given to congress by the constitution
to abolish state boundaries
shay's rebellion was an attempt to
prevent the state of massachusetts from foreclosing on the lands of debt-ridden farmers
the most common method of passing an amendment to the constitution is
passage in both houses of congress by a two-thirds vote, followed by a majority vote in three-fourths of the state legislature
the three branches of government created by the constitution are
executive, legislative, and judicial
A ________ is a system of government in which states retain sovereign authority except for powers expressly delegated to a national government.
the system of shared powers, divided between a central government and the states, is called
the stamp act was a
tax on commerce
Under the articles of confederation, it was left to the ____ to execute the laws passed by congress
the 1787 convention to draft a new constitution was held in
which event was most influential in the rise of a more active national government
the great depression
during the great depression, a camp of unemployed individuals who had lost their homes was referred to as
the federal system can be best defined as
a system of government in which power is divided between a national government and lower levels of governmet
according to the text, when was the era of dual federalism
from the ratification of the constitution until the new deal
those seeking to restrain the powers of the national government look to what part of the constitution
the tenth amendment
what constitutional clause affirms the national laws and treaties, made under the authority of the constitution are supreme law of the land
the supremacy clause
the source of an implied power under the constitution is the ___ clause
necessary and proper
the pecific powers granted to the national government in artical I, Section 8, of the constitution are called the
expressed powers
the full faith and credit clause of the constitution
requires to normally honor each other's public acts and legal decisions
using block grants to return power to the states was part of the nixon and reagan administrations'
New federalism
Which constitutional amendment has been used to restrict the scope of authority by the federal government over the states
which clauses of the constitution involve the relationships among various states
the full faith and credit clause and the privileges and immunities clause
the tenth amendment of the u.s constitution addresses
reserved powers
which president presided over the new deal
franklin roosevelt
what is the standard for determining guilt in criminal cases
guilty must be proven "beyond reasonable doubt"
the taking clause states that government may not take private property
without just compensation
A womans constitutional right to an abortion was established in
Rode v. Wade
the first and most famous test for determining when the government could intervene to suppress political speech was called the
clear and present danger test
about what did justice potter stewart confess "I know it when i see it"
which rights do not fall under constitutional arguments in favor of the right to privacy
right to use pornography
which of the following rights is not found in the original unamended constitution
Prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment
miranda vs. arizona was important because it produced rules that must be used
by the police before questioning an arrested criminal suspect
the ____ of the first amendment protects an individual's right to believe and practice whatever religion she or he chooses
free exercise clause
the second amendment of the US constitution deals with
the right to bear arms
during the founding era, who were the strongest supporters of adding a bill of rights to the constitution?
the process by which the supreme court has expanded specific parts of the bill of rights to protect citizens against state and federal actions is called
selective incorporation
which of the following best describes the federal courts' trend toward school desegregation in the 1990s?
the courts decreased the federal supervision of local school desegregation
"strict scrutiny" is the level of judicial review the federal courts give to all cases that involve
racial classifications
desegregating schools in northern states proved to be difficult because
segregation in the north was generally de facto, the product of both segregated housing and acts of private discrimination that were hard to prove
In their response to Brown v. Board of education, southern states did all of the following except
quickly desegregate their schools
What does the term Jim Crow refer to?
the system of racial segregation in the south after reconstruction
which area of discrimination was touched by the legal principles of Brown v. Board of education
public schools
when did civil rights become part of the US constitution?
civil rights were incorporated with the ratification of the fourteenth amendment
Most of the governments positive actions associated with the civil rights issue in the united states stem from the application of
the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment of the us constitution
Legally enforced segregation in public schools is a form of _____ discrimination
de jure
in case of workplace discrimination, which government institution would most likely handle the complaint
the equal employment opportunity commission
the attempt to ratify the equal rights amendment was an important struggle for
what goal did members of the abolitionist movement pursue?
the end of slavery
based on recent polling data, what percentage of americans believed that gays should have equal employment rights?
based on recent polling data, what percentage of americans is worried aobut government monitoring of personal information
the ability of citizens to influence their government through an awareness of and interest in politics is called
political efficacy
public opinion is used to describe
people's beliefs and attitudes toward different issues
which of the following was not part of the bush administration's effort to maintain support for its war on terror?
donations to academic institutions
which statement about public opinion polls is not true
Abraham lincoln and stephen douglas were the first politicians to use public opinion polls
the belief that government is a wasteful and dangerous institution and should be limited to as few activities as possible is an example of a political
a liberal would most likely support
an expansion in governmental social services
the process by which underlying political values are formed is known as
political socialization
the typical margin of error in a sample survey of 1500 respondents is
3 percent
people's underlying beliefs and ideologies
tend to automatically color their perceptions and opinions about politics
what is an initiative
a procedure that allows for laws to be placed on a ballot and voted on by electorate
the news media are most responsive to what segments of the population
the affluent
which of the following has made politicians mroe depended on favorable media coverage
the decline in political party organizations
the press release was created
in the early twentieth century by a public relations firm working for a railroad
which statement about the federal communications commission is false
the FCC was established in 1965 under president lyndon johnson
which of the following statements is false
government censorship plays an important role in determining the particular interpretation of a news story
which of the following is regulated by the federal government
a short, attention grabbing phrase that summarizes a position is called a
sound bite
george h. w. bush's 1988 statement "read my lips, no new taxes" is a good example of a
sound bite
american print and broadcast media tend to be more responsive to the ____ segments of the audience
which presidential candidate pioneered the use of town meetings and television entertainment programs as a means of communicating directly with voters
Bill Clinton
the ____ regulates broadcast media
federal communications commission
the pentagon papers were released as a result of
a leak by a minor defense department staffer
why do radio stations repeat the news so often throughout the day?
the audience is constantly changing since most people listen to the radio in their cars
which of the following is not a reason why a free media is necessary to democratic government?
a free media is needed to ensure economic equality
which of the following statements best describes the coverage given to american politics by international newspapers
international newspapers frequently cover american politics and are often critical of american policy
what is the main difference between voting and lobbying?
unlike voting, lobbying involves an attempt to directly influence a government official
which of the following is not a nonelectoral form of political activity
the term turnout describes the number of people that
actually vote
what has been one of the most pressing questions concerning socioeconomic status
why has the level of participation in politics not increased as a result of the rising level of education among americans
the fifteenth amendment, passed in 1870, mandated that
no state could prevent the right to vote on account of race
over the past decade, polls have revealed that asian american voters are moving
toward the democratic party
what is one reason that political parties and politicians view latinos as a critically important group
the latino population in the united states is large and rapidly growing
your level of concern about public issues is best measured by the degree of your
civic engagement
studies show that people are most likely to participate in politics when
someone asks them to get involved
what bloc of voters has recently been called the "sleeping giant"
compared with western europe, the united states has a _____ turnout in elections
an example of ____ was exhibited with the interest group moveon.org bought a full-page advertisement in the new york times bearing the headline, "general petraeus or general betray us
public relations
the term suffrage refers to
the right to vote
the main goal of the group rock the vote is to
draw young voters into participating politically
throughout american history, which of the following was not a common restriction the government placed on voting rights
occupational requirements
A party's platform is best understood as
a negotiated agreement between the party's various factions
which of the following tasks does a party's national committee not perform
selecting presidential and vice-presidential candidates
during the 1980s under the leadership of ronald reagan, which two groups didt eh republican party add to their coalition
religious conservatives and working-class whites
which group is most likely to support the republican party?
the wealthy
_____ are nonprofit independent grops that receive and distribute funds to influence the nomination, election, and defeat of a candidate
527 committees
historically, realignments occur
when new issues combine with economic or political crises to mobilize new voters adn persuade large numbers of voters to reexamine their traditional partisan loyalties
which of the following statements concerning third parties is false
the earliest third parties in the united states arose as a result of the great depression
the third party candidate who won the most electoral college votes in american history was
george wallace
during the late 1840s and early 1850s both the democratic and whig parties were divided by
conflicts over slavery
strong parties may provide an important link between government and
democratic participation
which event occurred in 1994
the republican party won control of both houses of congress for the first time since the 1950s
throughout its history, American politics has been dominated by
two major political parties