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why is pH an important factor in shampoo selection?

the higher the PH rating (more alkaline) the stronger and harsher the shampoo is to the hair. a high ph can leave the hair dry and brittle.The phof normal hair is 4.5 to5.5

name 4 ways in which water can be purified

sedimentation(everything sinks to bottom)
filtration(passing through filter)
destilation (water becomes vapor)

what is the chemical action of surfactants in shampoo?

the surfactant molecule has 2 ends
a hydrophilic (water attracting)
lipophilic(oil attracting)
they create a push and pull process that causes the dirt to e balled up and rinsed away.

what shampoo is appropriate for dandruff?on product build up?on damaged hair?

dandruff:medicated shampoo
buildup: clarifying shampoo
damaged:moisturizing shampoo

what is the action of conditioners on the hair?

the give the hair protein and moisture and help restore hair's strength

What is the purpose of brushing the hair prior to shampooing?

stimulates the blood circulation in scalp and helps remove dust,dirt and build up

describe the draping process

place towel lenghtwise across the clients shoulders crossing ends at the cape over the towel and fasten in the back so it does not touch the clients another towel over the cape and secure in the front

what hair services should not be proceeded by shampooing brushing or massage?


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