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  1. Auditory nerve
  2. Hertz
  3. Loudness
  4. Timbre
  5. Frequency
  1. a A unit expressing the frequency of sound waves
  2. b Determined by the height, or amplitude of sound waves
  3. c number of cycles per second
  4. d The axon bundle that transmits neural impulses from the organ of Corti to the brain
  5. e The quality or richness of a sound

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  1. The theory that the pitch of a sound is reflected in the frequency of the neural impulses that are generated in response to sound.
  2. A membrane that lies coiled within the cochlea
  3. Determined by its frequency
  4. Discordant sounds of many frequencies, often producing a lulling effect.
  5. The forms of deafness that result from damage to hair cells or the auditory nerve

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  1. Oval windowTones of higher frequency than those played that result from vibrations throughout a musical instrument


  2. Duplicity theoryThe theory that the pitch of a sound is determined by the section of the basilar membrane that vibrates in response to the sound


  3. AuditoryThe quality or richness of a sound


  4. Conductive deafnessThe forms of deafness in which there is loss of conduction of sound through the middle ear


  5. DissonantIncompatible, not harmonious, discordant