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  1. Oval window
  2. Dissonant
  3. Hertz
  4. Frequency theory
  5. Frequency
  1. a Incompatible, not harmonious, discordant
  2. b The theory that the pitch of a sound is reflected in the frequency of the neural impulses that are generated in response to sound.
  3. c A unit expressing the frequency of sound waves
  4. d number of cycles per second
  5. e A membrane that transmits vibrations from the stirrup of the middle ear to the cochlea within the inner ear

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  1. A combination of the place and frequency theories of pitch discrimination
  2. The receptor for hearing that lies on the basilar membrane in the cochlea
  3. A membrane that lies coiled within the cochlea
  4. A unit expressing the loudness of a sound
  5. In harmony

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  1. AmplitudeHeight


  2. PitchDetermined by its frequency


  3. EardrumThe quality or richness of a sound


  4. TimbreDetermined by its frequency


  5. White noiseDetermined by its frequency