23 terms

Xtra credit

pu enriched u
u and pu are both
pellets in rods
fuel is in the form of
rods surrounded by
fast neutrons
____________ bombard fuel pellets
more fast neutrons
neutrons → fission → ___________
graphite/water moderator
To slow down the neutrons so they can be captured,
chain reaction
nuclear fission in a reactor can be described as a
control rods
____________ are inserted or removed b/w fuel rods to control reaction rate
nonfission/neutron absorbing
control rods are (characteristics)
elements commonly making up control rods
heat energy
another product of the reaction is
core meltdown
____________ happens when fission happens too quickly and isn't controlled
water to absorb/cool
_______________ → steam, which turns turbines
additional cooling water
coolant =
passes towers realeased steam
what happens to coolant?
uncommon excess energy
fusion reactors
breed own fuel
breeder reactors
protons/+lead ions
hadrons =
particle accelerators speed up
alt current magnetic
how do particle accelerators speed up the particles?
xrays/r tracers/cancer
medical applications
isotope used to determine fossil/organic material's age