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Annie Boyum

Bulleted list

is a button on the paragraph's group to separate each sentence

Buliding Bli=ocks

built in designs such as headers and footers


to mkae a document more interesting


adjusts the difference between the lightest and darkest


trims away areas of the graphics that are not needed


text that is printed at the bottom of each page


is at the top of a page to include page number, file name or authors name


a file format for documents viewed using a browser such a documents on the web


paragrapgh formatting that decreases the width of lines of text in a specific paragraph

Line Spacing

changing the amount of space between lines of text in a paragraph


white region around the text on a page


how a document is divided into pages


the L shaped button in the top left hand corner

Tab Leaders

fill the space spanned by a tab

Tab Stop

insertion point on to multiple paragraphs


a master document that includes the basic elements for particular types of documents

Text Wrapping

enables you to surround a picture

Why is formatting important?

It affects how the reader iterprets the document and how it's read.

What affect does the margin size have on a document?

It affects the amount of text that a page can contain.

What is the purpose of including space between paragraphs?

To not make it one big, whole page.

What is the purpose of graphics in a document?

To make it stand out.

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