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interest in classical culture

the word renaissance means "rebirth." what was reborn during the renaissance?

traders brought ideas to roman

which of the following was one factor that led to renaissance?

a money-economy

what new type of economy develope during the renaissance?


what geographic factor contributed to italy becoming wealthy?


what political unit contributed most to the development of the renaissance?

governed state

how did europe's economy change as trade and commerce increased?

values and potentional

what made italy's city-states unique in europe during the late middle ages?

ability to control there own lives and achieve greatness

what did humanists believe?

they developed renaissance

why was florence called "the cradle of renaissance"?


how were florence's industries related to the city's culture?

greeks and romans

where did florentines get ideas for the disigns of their buildings?

needed long times from training

what do they have in common? painting, architecture, sculpture

printing press

what important change made literaturemore popular during the renaissance than it had been before?


on what did renaissance scientists base their work?


what powerful family controlled florence for almost 300 years?

become a center of banking

how did the development of a money-based economy affect florence?


what was one example of classic architecture influencing florence's buildings?


what technique did renaissance painters discover?

real feelings and shows life-like

renaissance sculptures reflected humanism by

wrote in language they spoke and didn't have to be religious

unlike mdeieval writers, renaissance writers

center for trade, greatest artists, location

what is one thing that made florence special?


during the renaissance, how did people get information about nature?

rules should be feared not loved

which statement might machiavelli have made?

trade, banking, commere

what was one of florence's major industries?

increase the speed of material, more people started to read

what was one result of the invention of the printing press?

the 6th chaple and david

what is michelangelo best known for?


with what artistic medium is titian associated?

wood carving

besides painting, in what art medium was durer well skilled?

experiments, obersavation

what did renaissance sciencetists have in common?

william shakespear

what great writer flourished during the rule of elizabeth I

values expanded

what did queen isabella and queen elizabeth i have in common?

the 16th chaple, david

what is michelangelo probably best known for?

wood carving and painting

durer is especially know for

earth reolved around the sun

what idea did copernicus put forward?

disected people

in what field was vesalius a pioneer?

queen isabella the 1st

who sponsored christopher columbus's voyages?

micate servatis

don quixote is the most famous work of what author?

good at many things

a renaissance person is someone who

indulgences, curuption

what did the first protestants protest?

there hard work was worthless

the selling of indulgences troubled many catholics because the practice made it seem that

there were many popes

what was the great schism?


according to martin luther, how did people gain salvation?

you could be any religion

what was the significance of the peace of augsburg?

john calvin

which reformer believed that business success was a sign of god's grace?

church is not the ultimate source the bible was

what belief did many reformers have in common?

to purify the church

what was a common goal among the people who first tried to reform the church?

go to heaven through faith

in contrast to the catholic church's teaching, martin luther believed that

when the leaders were prodist

where was the reformation most successful?

belief in the bible's authority

what is one thing that lutheran, calvinist, and anglican churches had in common?


which religion supported theocracy, or a state governed by god through religious leaders?

to correct abuses in the catholic church

what was one of the goals of the council of trent?

a catholic order of teachers and min=ssionaries

the jesuits were

european colonies in south america were catholic

what was on result of the peace of westphalia, which ended the thirty years' war

henry VIII's relufarve to share power with catholic leaders

what led to the creation of the anglican church?

the bible

what did lutherans believe was the ultimate source of authority?


what followed from the calvinist idea that people should always live according to god's law?

to get a divorce and wanted to keep power and money

what was a political reason king henry VIII started the anglican church?

bring catholic church back together

what was the counter-reformation


what was one result of the reformation?

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