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  1. Morgan (J.P.)
  2. Social Darwinism
  3. vertical integration
  4. Civil Service Commission
  5. (Alexander Graham) Bell
  1. a leading investment banker in America, formed United States Steel Corporation
  2. b established by the Pendleton Act, in charge of seeing that offices were filled by men who scored well on examinations
  3. c controlling every aspect of production
  4. d the application of the evolutionary theory to social institutions, proposed by Herbert Spencer
  5. e Scottish immigrant who invented the telephone, formed AT&T

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  1. 51st Congress, because for the first time in history, the annual budget exceeded a billion dollars
  2. founder of the American Railway Union, leader of the Pullman Strike
  3. Democratic presidential nominee in 1880
  4. helped spawn a huge retail market for mass-produced clothing
  5. wrote "The Origin of the Species", proponent of natural selection

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  1. Interstate Commerce Actinfluential law which made monopolies illegal


  2. (Chester A.) ArthurStalwart nominated for vice president in 1880


  3. (James Buchanan) DukeHalf-Breed nominated for president in 1880


  4. (Stephen) Crane"The Moody of the South", urban evangelist in the South


  5. Carnegiesteel production


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