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  1. trust
  2. New South
  3. Panic of '93
  4. (Stephen) Crane
  5. (Samuel) Gompers
  1. a leader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
  2. b the vision of many Southerners that the South would match the North in economic and industrial capacity
  3. c a naturalist, wrote "Maggie: A Girl in the Streets" and "The Red Badge of Courage"
  4. d legal device by which a board of trustees is empowered to make decisions and control the operation of a whole group of companies
  5. e 4 years of the worst depression the country had ever seen

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  1. robber baron, started first in the ferry business, and then made his fortune in railroads
  2. Republic presidential nominee in 1896, won election
  3. "The Moody of the South", urban evangelist in the South
  4. a realist, wrote "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Life on the Mississippi"
  5. under his leadership, the Knights of Labor emerged as an effective force

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  1. "New Immigration"new immigrants to the United States, which primarily were from Southern and Eastern Europe, and from the Orient


  2. gospel songa sacred tune that is less formal than a hymn and has a more popular, easily sung melody


  3. Populist partyparty whose major issue was currency policy


  4. (Thomas Alva) Edisoninvented phonograph, projector, and incandescent light bulb


  5. StalwartsRepublicans who favored high tariffs, hard money, and the spoils system