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  1. Morgan (J.P.)
  2. (Sam) Jones
  3. injunction
  4. (Grover) Cleveland
  5. Pendleton Act
  1. a Democratic presidential nominee in 1884, won election
  2. b a court order
  3. c civil service reform act passed under Arthur's presidency
  4. d leading investment banker in America, formed United States Steel Corporation
  5. e "The Moody of the South", urban evangelist in the South

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  1. Republicans who favored high tariffs, hard money, and the spoils system
  2. invented phonograph, projector, and incandescent light bulb
  3. passed under Cleveland, this law stated that railroad rates should be fair, railroad companies should publish all rates and make financial reports, and provided for the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
  4. Scottish immigrant who invented the telephone, formed AT&T
  5. leader of urban evangelism

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  1. "New Immigration"controlling every aspect of production


  2. New Souththe vision of many Southerners that the South would match the North in economic and industrial capacity


  3. (Eugene V.) Debsunder his leadership, the Knights of Labor emerged as an effective force


  4. free silverAmerica's first billionaire


  5. (Jack) Londona naturalist, who wrote "Call of the Wild"