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  1. (Samuel) Gompers
  2. (Grover) Cleveland
  3. trust
  4. American Federation of Labor (AFL)
  5. Post-War Era
  1. a leader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
  2. b Democratic presidential nominee in 1884, won election
  3. c legal device by which a board of trustees is empowered to make decisions and control the operation of a whole group of companies
  4. d influential labor organization, instituted the eight-hour workday as a standard
  5. e The Gilded Age

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  1. a realist, wrote "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Life on the Mississippi"
  2. popularized tobacco, formed American Tobacco Company
  3. under his leadership, the Knights of Labor emerged as an effective force
  4. moderate Republicans who were dissatisfied with Grant, the Radical Republicans, and Reconstruction who tended to favor reform
  5. the vision of many Southerners that the South would match the North in economic and industrial capacity

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  1. tobacco and textilesthe economic house of the New South was built on these two industries


  2. (Winfield S.) HancockDemocratic presidential nominee in 1880


  3. (Chester A.) Arthurwrote "The Origin of the Species", proponent of natural selection


  4. Pendleton Actrobber baron, started first in the ferry business, and then made his fortune in railroads


  5. Vanderbiltsteel production