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Computer Network

acollect. of software and hardware that computer use to comunnicate

Mobile Phones

phone that uses a wireless network

Dual-Mode Phone

a phone that can br use with differ communication networks

Global Positioning

a system that uses gps


radio freqency identification


the use of connect over the internet


use of computers and electric devies that allows us to work from home


useof tech. to provide medical services and info.


A form of robot-assisted surgery in which the doctor's physical location is different from the patients physical location and the doctor controls the robot remotely over the internet or another communications medium

Star Network

A network that uses a host device connected directly to several other devices

Bus Network

A network consisting of a central cable to which all network devices are attached

Ring Network

A network that connects devices in a closed loop

Client-Server Networks

A paradigm which is most commonlyused in networking the world over

Peer to Peer Nework

The process of sharing resources directly between users via the internet

Local Area Network

A network that connects devices located in a small geographical area, such as within a building

Wide Area Network

A network that connects dervices located in a large geographical area

Metropolitan Area Network

A network designed to service a metropolitan area


A private network that is set up similar to the Internet and is accessed via Web browser

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