The Arabian Peninsula

Arabian Peninsula
Home of the Largest Sand Desert in the World
The poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula
The Persian Gulf War
Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait which started what conflict?
The physical geography of this country is mostly plateaus and mountains
Northern Section of the Arabian Peninsula
This are is mostly covered with volcanic rock
One of the cultural influences of Islam
Clothing that covers both arms and legs of men and women
The Saud Family
Rulers of Saudi Arabia since 1932
Saudi Arabia
This country has the largest oil reserves in the world
A country made up of a group of islands
Exotic Rivers
Rivers that begin in humid areas and flow through dry areas like the Tigris and Euphrates
Mountains of Yemen
These are the highest point in the Arabian Peninsula
Persian Gulf
Home to many oil fields
Problem for Saudi Arabia
Cannot grow enough food for their citizens
Oman and Yemen
Have oil but not the quantity of many other Middle Eastern Countries
Iraq's second largest ethnic group
The belief that started US involvement in the Iraq war was...
That Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
Present day Iran
Area ruled beginning in the 500's BC by the Persian Empire
Iraq's current government
Islamic holy book
Iranian leader and military officer
Placing a limit on trade with another country
A wet fertile area in a desert that forms where underground water bubbles to the surface
Limited Resource
Oil is an good example of this.