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Dorsal Respiratory Group

Located in the Medulla - Causes inspiration when stimulated - (Timing) Normal, resting respirations. Rhythmic, mechanical pattern

Ventral respiratory Group

Located in the Medulla - Causes forced expiration or inspiration - (Timing) Speech, increased emotional or physical stress

Pneumotaxic Center

Located in the Pons - Inhibits the DRG; increases speed and depth of respirations

Apneustic Center

Located in the Pons - Excites the DRG; prolongs inspiration, decreases rate

Hering-Breuer inflation reflex

Located in the Chest - Detects lung expansion to a point and then tells VRG and pneumotaxic and apneustic centers to stop

Hering-Breuer deflation reflex

Located in the Chest - Detects potential lung collapse and then tells VRG, pneumotaxic, and apneustic centers to stop


keeps you breathing so you do not have to think about it


(True or False) Both areas of the Pons are used to help augment respirations during emotional and physical stress

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