C/P LAB I-Quiz Feb 27th (wkbk)

hematology #5
Toxic neutrophils may show large:
purple granules
Which of the following cells has cytoplasmic granules that stain blue to blue-black and grey-blue cytoplasm, often with small vacuoles?
Pyknosis is a term used to describe a
small, condensed, dark, fragmented nucleus
destroy RBC
Which statement is true regarding circulating leukocytes in a healthy adult cow?
always include more than one cell type
Phagocytes are a type of
Leukopenia is
a decrease in WBC
MCHC is expressed in
Which of the following cells has a high nuclear-cytoplasmic ration, coarse, clumped, dark-staining chromatin; and a sky blue cytoplasm?
small lymphocyte
Megakaryocytes are the precursor cell to
Approximately what percentage of the total erythrocyte mass is replaced every day in healthy mammals under normal circumstances?
An increased amount of _____ seen on a stained periperal blood smear is a sign of RBC regeneration.
Howell-Jolly bodies
To make a smear with anemic blood,
increase the angle of the pusher slide
Which of the following RBC indices indicates cell size?
The platelets of what species tend to clump easily?
RBCs with multiple, irregularly spaced projections are
Reticulocytes on a modified Wright stain (eg. Diff-Quick) appear
What way of reporting WBC differential results is most useful?
as absolute numbers
The buffy coat in a spun hematocrit tube consists of
WBCs and platelets
What cells are phagocytic?
neutrophils and macrophages
Monocytes typically have
lobular nuclei
Which of these is not a sign of RBC regeneration?
A left shift refers to increased numbers of
immature neutrophils
Which vacutainer tube does not need to be inverted after collection of a blood sample?
red top
Which pair are both agranulocytes?
lymphocytes and monocytes
The least common leukocyte found on a normal bovine differential count is a(n)
Macrocytic anemia suggests
Erythrocyte life spans vary from species to species, but the average is generally considered to be
120 days
The total WBC count of a health adult dog ranges from
6000 to 17,000/ul
Under the microscope you observe a leukocyte that you identify as an eosinophil. The eosinophil cytoplasm contains numerous rod-shaped granules. This blood sample is most likely from a healthy adult
The leukocyte most commonly associated with parasite and allergic conditions is the
A common finding on a blood smear from an animal with autoimmune hemolytic anemia is
What test is usually considered of little diagnostic value?
On a complete blood count (CBC), all of the following findings could be expected in a pt with an infection, except
narrow buffy coat
An elevated hematocrit is most commonly associated with
The hematology analyzer is not functioning properly. A good mathematical method to estimate hemoglobin is
one third the PCV
RBC fragments, resulting from shearing of the RBCs by intravascular trauma, are known as
Heinz bodies may be a normal finding in up to 5% of the erythrocytes in what species?
The precursor cell of a thrombocyte is a
The main function of the neutrophil is
The main function of the eosinphil is
allergic reaction
What information do the RBC indices yield?
the size, weight, and hemoglobin concentration of an average RBC
Where on the blood smear would you select to start your WBC differential count?
monocellular layer
In which of the following species is rouleaux formation common?
Dohle bodies are found in what type of blood cell?
Given a PCV of 42%, which of the following is the estimated hemoglobin value?
14 g/dl
The term for RBC formation is
What is the function of the megakaryocyte?
produces thrombocytes
The refractor is used to determine
total protein
What erythrocyte index gives an indication of the average size of RBC?
When the spun hematocrit test is done, which of the following can be evaluated?
total protein, buffy coat, plasma color, and PCV
A monolayer of cells on a blood smear is best described as
cells with no overlapping or touching
"Railroad tracks" on a blood smear most often occurs when
the slide is made with inconsistent pressure
What condition could result in myoglobinuria?
prolonged recumbency
An example of capillary action is
the action of blood filiing a hematocrit tube
When using a liquid reagent-based chemistry analyzer, the higher the concentration of the substance,
the less light that will pass through the solution
A substance that has been lyophilized has been
Prolonged exposure of serum to the blood cells before the serum is removed from the clot can result in
increased serum phosphorus
A toxic neutrophil can be identified by all of the following characteristics, except
A Dohle body is identified with the Diff-Quik stain (modified Wright=Giemsa stain) as
a small, bluish-gray inclusion in a neutrophil cytoplasm
A blast cell is not a characteristic of
an old, degenerative cell
A target cell is also called a/an
A crenated cell is also called a/an
Spherocytes may be seen on a blood smear from a dog suffering from
Acanthocytes are
A canine RBC is
a biconcave disk-shaped ceell
DIC is commonly represented by schistocytosis. The schistocytes are made when
fibrin strands cut the erythrocytes apart
Pyknosis is a term used to describe a
small, condensed, dark, fragmented nucleus
Basophilic stippling is often associated with
lead poisoning
A common finding on a stained blood smear from an animal with autoimmune hemolytic anemia is
Denatured hemoglobin found in erythrocytes is
a Heinz body
What appears as a blue spheric nuclear remnant seen in some Wright-stained erythrocytes?
Howell-Jolly body
A variation in erythrocyte size is known as
What is a non-nucleated, immature erythrocyte found in small numbers in the peripheral blood of dogs called?
What part of the CBC is the most accurate procedure?
What part of the CBC cannot be done manually with adequate accuracy?
erythrocyte count
Four purple-top tubes with blood samples from four different animals are left standing the laboratory. In what sample will the RBCs settle the fastest?
horse sample
What would you expect to see on a Diff-Quik stained blood smear from an animal with regerative anemia?
What cell is described as a central rounded area of hemoglobin surrounded by a clear zone, with a dense ring of hemoglobin around the periphery?
target cells
What causes plasma to appear red?
Reticulocytes are never found in the peripheral blood of
What cell is produced by megakaryocytes?
What species normally has the smallest erythrocytes?
What is the term used to describe the situation in which many of the erythrocytes stain varying shades of lavender?
Reticulocytes are reported as
Which of the following is a breakdown product of hemoglobin?
What measurement determines the average size of an erythrocyte?
mean corpuscular volume
What parasite resembles Howell-Jolly bodies?
Mycoplasma haemofelis (Haemobartonella sp.)
Basophilic stippling is seen in
erythrocyte cytoplasm
A canine erythrocyte that is smaller than normal, with no pale area in the center, is a
Rouleaux formation is most commonly seen on blood smears from
What animal has oval erythrocytes?
normal llama
What causes dark granules called Dohle bodies in the cytoplasm of canine neutrophils?
Which of these is an artifact?
Certain oxidant drugs can denature hemoglobin and cause production of round structures in erythrocytes called
Heinz bodies
What is the primary function of fibrinogen?
What nucleated erythrocyte is the first one you'll see in peripheral blood if an animal has used all of its reserves of mature erythrocytes in the bone marrow?
Which of these cells is the most immature?
Hemagglutination is
clumping of erythrocytes
If an erythrocyte loses part of its membrane but still remains intact, it will appear as a _____ on a stained peripheral blood smear.
An erythrocyte that does not contain its full amount of hemoglobin will appear as _____ on a stained peripheral blood smear.
Spherocytes are _____ when viewed on a peripheral blood smear.
microcytic erythrocytes