20 terms

Mr. Kuendig's World History Chapter 32 - WWII

This vocabulary comes from chapter 32 of the world history textbook.
nonaggression pact
an agreement not to attack one another
the German term for "lightning warfare"
Erwin Rommel
German general also known as the "Desert Fox"
Charles de Gaulle
French resistance leader and military general
Winston Churchill
British prime minister during WWII
Isoroku Yamamoto
Japanese naval strategist who called for the attack on Hawaii
Douglas MacArthur
commander of Allied land forces in the Pacific
Pearl Harbor
site of a U.S. naval base in Hawaii attacked by Japanese forces
Battle of Midway
U.S.-won battle over a U.S. airfield in the Pacific Ocean
Battle of Guadalcanal
U.S.-won battle over a Japanese air base in the Solomon Islands
Germanic peoples considered the "master race"
the systematic mass slaughter of Jews and other groups
Nazi terror event also called the "Night of Broken Glass"
segregated areas of cities
"Final Solution"
Nazi plan to commit genocide against Jewish Germans
Dwight D. Eisenhower
American General who led the Allied invasion of France
The beginning of Operation Overlord
Battle of the Bulge
A last ditch Nazi counterattack which failed
Japanese suicide pilots
Adolf Hitler
Committed suicide along with his wife in an underground base