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Sans changé

with out change

en promenade

In a walk- "tour de promenade" is to turn in a walk. A term of french used to indicate that the dancer turns slowly in place on one foot by a series of slight movements of the heel to the required side while maintaining a definite pose


to melt


To nearly fall; a movement that has the body supported on one leg, lean off-balance, then quickly pass the other leg in a given direction and catch the fall.


to arouse or excite



Temps levé

time raised

Temps lié

connected movement

Échappé relevé

plié then springing to demi-pointe, then from first to second or fifth to fourth.

Échappé sauté

springing up from feet and landing in open position

En avant

in front

En arrière





to dash forward


Bounced, ball-like. The dancer springs into the air, simultaneously executing a battement (throwing leg out to side), then lands in demi-plié with the working foot in sur le cou de pied. Ballonné sur le pointe is done in a pressed relevé, demi pointe or full point or when first learning, performed on the flat foot.


Tossed. this step consists of coupé dessous and coupé dessus performed in a series with a rocking, swinging movement


named for the originator of the step; a jump from two feet to one or two feet


sudden spring or bound. a springing jump from both feet usually performed traveling forward and landing on both feet.


"falling" any movement in which the dancer, having extended the gesture leg, falls forward, sideward, or backward into a fondu on that gesture leg.


closed. indicates that both feet are in a closed position or that the feet at the end of a step are brought to a closed position


open to the audience



En face

to face the front


the conclusion

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