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a brief description of the major greek gods and goddesses


goddess of love. Married to Hephaestus. She has many lovers including Ares. Mother of Cupid.


god of sun, music, archery, sports, and prophecy. Twin of Artemis.


god of war. lover of Aphrodite


goddess of moon, hunting, and fertility. She swore to be a virgin and to never love a man. Twin of Apollo.


goddess of the arts and wisdom. She is the creator of the olive tree and guardian of Athens. Sworn to be a virgin yet she has many kids because her kids are born through the meetings of minds not of bodies.


goddess of the earth and fruitfulness. Mother of minor goddess, Persephone.


god of wine and parties.


god of death. ruler of the Underworld. Husband to Persephone.


the lame god of fire and metal-working. Husband to Aphrodite.


goddess of marriage and childbirth. Wife of Zeus and a very jealous woman.


god of traveling, gymnastics, music, and thieves. Messanger for the gods


goddess of the home and hearth. Guardian of Mount Olympus. Swore to be a virgin and never marry.


god of the sea.


god of all gods and goddess and thunder/lighting. Chases women all the time.

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