Lecture 3: Medical Aspects of Stroke and Implications for Rehab

Dr. Ashford
What is the cause of aphasia?
Malfunction of language-competent regions of the brain; most commonly an interruption in brain's blood supply (stroke)
What is the new term for a CVA?
Brain Attack
What is the most common symptom of a stroke?
Partial or complete loss of voluntary movement or sensation in the leg or arm; speech problem; weak facial muscles; numbness/tingling,
Etiology of Stroke
hypertension, athersclerosis, heart disease, infection, trauma, drugs, arterial dissection, cocaine, congenital absence or atresia of artery, radiation fibrosis, vasculitis, HIV, sickle cell disease
describe an acute event
initial state of pathologic condition; progresses rapidly; symptoms are fully developed within minutes to a day or two.
Describe an insidious process.
progresses slowly; symptoms develop in piecemeal fashion over a period of months or years.
Name the two types of acute neurological events.
Cerebral Ischemia, Cerebral Hemorrhage
What is the medical term for a brain blockage?
Cerebral Ichemia
What is the medical term for a brain rupture?
Cerebral Hemorrhage
Name the 4 types of cerebral ischemias.
thrombosis, embolism, lucanar, TIA
Name the 3 types of cerebral hemorrhages.
extracerebral, intracerebral, arteriovenous malformations