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open a hornet's nest of trouble

Make a lot of trouble

as a rule of thumb

generally measured by

to butter up

to treat someone well to get a favor

to shake a leg

hurry up

to book

to make an appointment

in the same boat

having the same problem

to be broke

To not have any money

ring a bell

to seem familiar

to be in hot water

to be in trouble

to be up to one's ears

to have too much of something


dishonest or strange

to play with fire

to do something dangerous

to be nosey

to ask questions about someone's private life

to blow up

to get really angry


defective product

Out of the woods

to be out of trouble

get up on the wrong side of the bed

grumpy, in a bad mood

in the hole

in debt

bite the bullet

To adjust to unpleasant circumstances

face the music

accept the unpleasant consequences of one's actions

blow it

fail, make a mistake, ruin, destroy,lose your chance

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