21 terms

Everyday Idioms

open a hornet's nest of trouble
Make a lot of trouble
as a rule of thumb
generally measured by
to butter up
to treat someone well to get a favor
to shake a leg
hurry up
to book
to make an appointment
in the same boat
having the same problem
to be broke
To not have any money
ring a bell
to seem familiar
to be in hot water
to be in trouble
to be up to one's ears
to have too much of something
dishonest or strange
to play with fire
to do something dangerous
to be nosey
to ask questions about someone's private life
to blow up
to get really angry
defective product
Out of the woods
to be out of trouble
get up on the wrong side of the bed
grumpy, in a bad mood
in the hole
in debt
bite the bullet
To adjust to unpleasant circumstances
face the music
accept the unpleasant consequences of one's actions
blow it
fail, make a mistake, ruin, destroy,lose your chance