21 terms

Network+ Quizlet 10-12

Key Terms
device that a packet is sent to when it is intended for a network outside the local area network
protocol most closely associated with Windows family of network operating systems
type of protocol most closely associated with Novell Netware operating system
protocol used to communicate over the Internet
crossover cable
type of cable used to connect a computer directly to another computer of a switch to another switch using standard ports
network layer
layer 3 of the OSI model that is concerned with routing
data link layer
layer 2 of the OSI model which is the level a switch would operate
physical layer
layer 1 of the OSI model which is the level that a hub would operate
fiber optic cable
type of network cable that is very expensive and uses light instead of electricity to transmit data
the device in a Network sends packets only to the node or nodes for which they are intended. Also known as a smart hub
uplink port
port on a switch that allows you to connect to another switch without using a crossover cable
UTP cable
the most common type of network cable used to interconnect computers
cat 6 cable
newer type of network cable used for gigabit networks
identifies the router to which packets for remote networks such as the Internet will be sent
identifies which portion of the IP address is the network address to divide a large network into smaller network segments
type of connector used with common twisted pair wire for ethernet networks
type of connector used primarily for home phone systems
coaxial cable
type of cable no longer used for networking but still used for cable TV
Microsoft's simple non-routable protocol that does not work with the Internet
IP address
address used to Identify hosts on a network
network port
A logical port connection provided by the IP protocol to direct incoming network traffic to a specific protocol