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  1. Inductive Resoning
  2. Biology
  3. Model organism
  4. Technology
  5. Communities
  1. a type of logic which generalizations are based on a large number of specific observations
  2. b scientifc study of life
  3. c application of scientific knowledge for a specific purpose, often involving industry or commerce but also including usues in basic research
  4. d particular species chosen for reasearch into broad biological principals b/c its representative of a larger group than usually easy to grow in a lab
  5. e consists of all organisms inhabiting a particular area

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  1. where the end product speeds up its own production
  2. process where individuals have certain inherited traits tend to survive and reproduce at higher rates than other individuals beacuse of those traits
  3. functional componets of cells
  4. double stranded, helical nucleic acid molecule, consisting of nucleotide monomers with a deoxyribose sugar and the nitrogenous bases adenine, cyosine, guanine, and thymine: capable of being replicated and determining the inherited structure of cells proteins
  5. includes the enviroments inhabited by lif, most regions of land water, the sediments and rock below eaths surface and the atmosphere up to several kilometers

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  1. Moleculescomposed of two or more atoms they are the chemical units that make up living organisms


  2. Eukaryotic celltype of cell with a membrane-enclosed nucleus and membrane-enclosed organelles


  3. Inharent propertiesnew properties that arise with each step upward in the hierarchy of life, owing to the arrangement and interactions of parts as complexity increases


  4. Cellsfundamental units of life


  5. Genesgenetic material of an organism or virus