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  1. Negative feedback
  2. Biosphere
  3. Eukarya
  4. Hierarchy theory
  5. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
  1. a form of regulation where accumulation of an end product of a process slows the process
  2. b domain that includes all eukaryotic organisms
  3. c includes the enviroments inhabited by lif, most regions of land water, the sediments and rock below eaths surface and the atmosphere up to several kilometers
  4. d double stranded, helical nucleic acid molecule, consisting of nucleotide monomers with a deoxyribose sugar and the nitrogenous bases adenine, cyosine, guanine, and thymine: capable of being replicated and determining the inherited structure of cells proteins
  5. e Explains how sets and subsets of organization levels create new emergent properties

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  1. explanation that is broader in scope than a hypothesis, generates new hypotheses and is upported by a large body of evidence
  2. Studies the interactions of the parts of a system and models the systems dynamic behavior
  3. type of cell with a membrane-enclosed nucleus and membrane-enclosed organelles
  4. groups of cells that are collectively perform a specialized fuction
  5. approach to understand the natural worls

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  1. Gene expressionProcess where a genes information is converted into a protein or an RNA product


  2. Deductive reasoningtype of logic which generalizations are based on a large number of specific observations


  3. Communitiesfunctional componets of cells


  4. 2nd law of thermodynamicstype of logic which generalizations are based on a large number of specific observations


  5. Cellsdiscrete unit of hereditary info consisting of a specific nucleotide sequence in DNA