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From page 476

Tidal Volume

Represents the volume of gas inhaled or exhaled during a single respiratory cycle. (average is 500mL)

Dead air space

This accounts for 150 mL. It is either anatomic or physiologic. Anatomic includes dead air in the airway passages (trachea, bronchi) that are incapable of gas exchange. Physiologic is alveoli that have potential but can't do to disease or obstruction (COPD, atelectasis).

Alveolar air volume

Is the amount of air that does not reach the alveoli for gas exchange. It is the difference between tidal volume and dead-space volume

Minute volume

amount of air moved in and out of the respiratory tract per minute. Tidal volume x ventilatory rate = Minute volume

Functional reserve capacity

the volume of air remaining in the lungs at the end of a normal expiration.

Residual volume

after a maximal forced exhalation, this is the amount of air remaining in the lungs and airway passages not expelled

Inspiratory reserve volume

amount of gas that can be forcefully inspired in addtion to a normal breath's tidal volume

Expiratory reserve volume

amount of gas that can be forcefully expired at the end of a normal expiration


the percentage of oxygen in inspired air

Peak expiratory flow

the greatest rate of air flow that can be achieved during forced expiration beginning w/ the lungs fully inflated.

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