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  1. actual group
  2. selective benefits
  3. position issue
  4. single-issue groups
  5. purposive incentive
  1. a these benefits are goods that a group can restrict to those who are members
  2. b a benefit that comes from serving a cause or principle
  3. c groups which have very narrow interests, shun compromise, and single-mindedly pursue goals
  4. d a group composed of those in the potential group who are members of the interest groups
  5. e an issue about which the public is divided and rival parties or candidates adopt different positions

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  1. a signal telling a legislator what values are at stake in a vote, and how that issue fits with his or her own political views or party agenda
  2. political organization that attracts members by appealing their political convictions or principles
  3. a situation where individuals let others work to secure a collective good and then enjoy the benefit without contributing anything to the group effort
  4. argues that too many groups are getting what they want at the expense of the unrepresented and that this behavior leads to incoherent public policy.
  5. a group composed of all people who share some common interest

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  1. interest groupsa group composed of all people who share some common interest


  2. incentivesomething of value one cannot get without joining an organization


  3. elite theoryargues that because only a few groups have enough power to influence policy, power is concentrated into a few interlocking power centers


  4. collective gooda group composed of all people who share some common interest


  5. material incentivemany things valued in monetary terms