Female Intermittent Self-Catheterization

Exam 3
Intermittent Self-Catheterization
Stimulate normal voiding. when urge is felt to void, try to void without strain and then Self-Catheterize.
14 fr: ICF Catheter (2)
Betadine Solution
Soaking Tray
Soap and Water
Sterile Lubricant Jelly
Wash Hands: rise but don't dry hands
Wash vaginal area
Stand to face toilet, put one leg up (on toilet or stool)
Expose urethra with non dominant hand
Take catheter from soak solution
Insert until urine flows, then let it go until it stops
Move catheter around a bit to get residual
Remove, wash with water, put back in soak (whole catheter is in solution)
Dink only when thirsty, more can cause problems.Don't take any over the counter meds unless Dr. says due to interference with voiding. Schedule use every 3-4 hours (6 max), you should not retain over 300mL in your bladder, and keep record
Soak Solution
one part Betadine to ten parts water. Once a week run soak tray and Catheter is dishwasher.