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  1. What did Otto declare concerning government?
  2. How did middle class see Sardinia
  3. Dreyfus Affair
  4. Red Shirts
  5. Economic Expansion
  1. a Government can rule without parliamentary consent
  2. b Garibaldi's Guerilla
    Took Palermo
    Tried to attack pope and rome but Sardinian forces intercepted them
  3. c Revived republican feelings against church
  4. d Government created public work like rebuilding paris
  5. e liberal, progressive, suited to achieve unification

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  1. basically they become liberal
    1. trade unions fully legalized
    2. laws passed for free compulsory education for boys and girls
    3. greatly expanded state system of public tax-supported schools
  2. Otto Von Bismarck (este güey es perro)
  3. Louis Napoleon dismissed the Assembly and seized power in a coup d'etat
  4. 1st-Had the same name as his uncle (Napoleon Bonaparte) 2nd-He was a tough ruler 3rd-had a positive program for France
  5. narrowly liberal and democratic radical

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  1. Central Italy and RomeRuled by papacy


  2. sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleonsub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon


  3. Where was state headingUrban Workers


  4. What did he do to the assembly?1.government encouraged new investment banks and massive railroad construction (Heart of Industrial Revolution)


  5. election of gov candidates and defeat of opposition1. salaries of priests and bishops no longer paid
    2. Catholic schools left on their own


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