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  1. Principle that emerged in West
  2. Effects of Dreyfus Affair or trial?
  3. 1.Giuseppe Mazzini
  4. Romantics, Karl Marx
  5. Why did he win?
  1. a Nationalism
  2. b Romantics created a legend out of Napoleon Bonaparte Karl Marx stressed that middle class and property owners wanted a tough leader
  3. c 1st-Had the same name as his uncle (Napoleon Bonaparte) 2nd-He was a tough ruler 3rd-had a positive program for France
  4. d 1. salaries of priests and bishops no longer paid
    2. Catholic schools left on their own
  5. e preached a centralized democratic republic based on universal male suffrage and will of people
    seen as quixotic and too radical

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  1. 1871
  2. independent political existence to fulfill its spiritual mission
  3. provide jobs and stimulate economy. All classes would benefit by such action
  4. Lead National Assembly
  5. republicans, monarchists, and liberals

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  1. What did Cavour realize?Nap iii so he could go against Austria


  2. who didn't want to accept defeat?1.he controlled Garibaldi and had turned nationalism into conservative direction
    2.Venice 1866 Rome 1870


  3. Economic ExpansionSardinia's Monarch


  4. Section I:Napoleon III in France1.Junker
    2.Flexible and open pursuing one policy and another\
    3.Took office as chief minister in 1862


  5. Free compulsory educationGovernment created public work like rebuilding paris