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  1. What did he do to the assembly?
  2. Central Italy and Rome
  3. what did paris commune want
  4. Cavour Supported Garibaldy why?
  5. Sub Section Napoleon III's Second Empire
  1. a Sub Section Napoleon III's Second Empire
  2. b to get rid of him and use him
    he supported plan to liberate the kingdom of two Sicilies
  3. c Ruled by papacy
  4. d govern paris without interference from the conservative french countryside
  5. e he did not abolish the Assembly but only restricted it

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  1. 1.a customs union founded in 1834 to stimulate trade and increase revenues of member states
    2. One of these members wasn't Austria(became factor in Austrio-Prussian War
    3. middle class and business groups were using Zollverein to promote national unification
  2. Rode through naples symbolizing union of north and south
  3. the economy
  4. Otto Von Bismarck (este güey es perro)
  5. By direct democracy with his sovereignty uncorrupted by politicians and legislative body

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  1. Where was state headingdemocracy


  2. Duty of state and leader...democracy


  3. they were more patriotic nowdemocracy


  4. July 1858-1859Austria attacks Sardinia 1859 and Nap iii came to sardinia's defense (Became Franco-Sardinian Forces) but Napoleon abandons Cavour


  5. when did Louis Napoleon win?presidential election of 1848