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  1. Description of Presidency of Louis Napoleon
  2. Napoleon restores universal suffrage
  3. Alfred Dreyfus
  4. How was the leader linked to people?
  5. Parliament in Prussia
  1. a the hands of liberal middle class
    2. wanted society to be less militaristic
    3.wanted to establish parliament as ultimate power
  2. b caused 92% of people to vote to make him president for 10 years
  3. c By direct democracy with his sovereignty uncorrupted by politicians and legislative body
  4. d convicted of treason but proven innocent
  5. e 1.4 year term 2.share power with a conservative national assembly

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  1. opposed to patriotic republican nationalism
  2. cavour and garibaldy in italy
  3. 3 approaches to unity
  4. Austria attacks Sardinia 1859 and Nap iii came to sardinia's defense (Became Franco-Sardinian Forces) but Napoleon abandons Cavour
  5. Nap iii made peace with Austria at Villafranca

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  1. New constitution descriptionsecular republican education
    pledge of allegiance and national anthem replaced ave maria and catechism


  2. CavourLed Sardinia 1850-1861


  3. Effects of Dreyfus Affair or trial?basically they become liberal
    1. trade unions fully legalized
    2. laws passed for free compulsory education for boys and girls
    3. greatly expanded state system of public tax-supported schools


  4. According to Louis Napoleon government should...represent the people and help them economically


  5. Who was unsatisfied?Ruled by Bourbons for 100 years