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  1. The opposition consisted of what?
  2. July 1859
  3. Why did he win?
  4. What did Otto declare concerning government?
  5. War with Prussia Effects
  1. a republicans, monarchists, and liberals
  2. b 1871 divided France once again
  3. c Government can rule without parliamentary consent
  4. d Nap iii made peace with Austria at Villafranca
  5. e 1st-Had the same name as his uncle (Napoleon Bonaparte) 2nd-He was a tough ruler 3rd-had a positive program for France

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  1. Shared North Central Italy
  2. strengthen by failures of 1848
  3. caused 92% of people to vote to make him president for 10 years
  4. gave Assembly greater powers and opposition candidates greater freedom
  5. taken by Metternich's Austria

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  1. Growing Socialist Movementopposed to patriotic republican nationalism


  2. CavourLed Sardinia 1850-1861


  3. Germany Before BismarckGermany Before Bismarck


  4. Section I:Napoleon III in FranceSection I:Napoleon III in France


  5. Who was unsatisfied?Urban Workers