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  1. who didn't want to accept defeat?
  2. they were more patriotic now
  3. Who was unsatisfied?
  4. How was new kingdom of Italy?
  5. How did the republicans sought to mantain the 3rd republic?
  1. a patriotic republicans who proclaimed the third republic in paris
  2. b 1.Ruled by Victor Emmanuel neither radical nor democratic,
    2.only small minority of males had right to vote,
    3.propierted classes and common people were divided
    4. Italy united on paper but there was division
  3. c Urban Workers
  4. d winning the hearts and minds of the next generation
  5. e they were more patriotic now

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  1. These new leaders surrendered Alsace and Lorraine to Germany
  2. 1.he controlled Garibaldi and had turned nationalism into conservative direction
    2.Venice 1866 Rome 1870
  3. Led Sardinia 1850-1861
  4. represent the people and help them economically
  5. Section I:Napoleon III in France

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  1. July 1858-1859Nap iii made peace with Austria at Villafranca


  2. Alfred Dreyfusconvicted of treason but proven innocent


  3. cavour and garibaldy in italycavour and garibaldy in italy


  4. Posed a fearful revolutionary threat to conservativesliberal, progressive, suited to achieve unification


  5. How was the leader linked to people?1.government encouraged new investment banks and massive railroad construction (Heart of Industrial Revolution)