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  1. War with Prussia Effects
  2. they were more patriotic now
  3. sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon
  4. How did they do this?
  5. Lombardy and Venetia
  1. a taken by Metternich's Austria
  2. b 1871 divided France once again
  3. c basically they become liberal
    1. trade unions fully legalized
    2. laws passed for free compulsory education for boys and girls
    3. greatly expanded state system of public tax-supported schools
  4. d sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon
  5. e they were more patriotic now

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  1. provide jobs and stimulate economy. All classes would benefit by such action
  2. national unity
  3. represent the people and help them economically
  4. Government created public work like rebuilding paris
  5. 1.Ruled by Victor Emmanuel neither radical nor democratic,
    2.only small minority of males had right to vote,
    3.propierted classes and common people were divided
    4. Italy united on paper but there was division

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  1. July 1858-1859Nap iii made peace with Austria at Villafranca


  2. the papacy (thoughts on unification )they opposed unification


  3. Cavour Supported Garibaldy why?Rode through naples symbolizing union of north and south


  4. election of gov candidates and defeat of oppositionwas key to roads, tax rebates, and a thousand other local concerns


  5. Giuiseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882)1860-Garibaldi emerged as independent force in italian politics