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  1. Tuscany
  2. Conservatives were sent to National Assembly which caused...
  3. Pius IX
  4. Alfred Dreyfus
  5. July 1858-1859
  1. a These new leaders surrendered Alsace and Lorraine to Germany
  2. b Austria attacks Sardinia 1859 and Nap iii came to sardinia's defense (Became Franco-Sardinian Forces) but Napoleon abandons Cavour
  3. c wrote Syllabus of Error and opposed rationalism, socialism, seperation of church and state and religious liberty
  4. d convicted of treason but proven innocent
  5. e Shared North Central Italy

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  1. Revived republican feelings against church
  2. Louis Napoleon dismissed the Assembly and seized power in a coup d'etat
  3. winning the hearts and minds of the next generation
  4. caused 92% of people to vote to make him president for 10 years
  5. 1871

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  1. Cavour Supported Garibaldy why?to get rid of him and use him
    he supported plan to liberate the kingdom of two Sicilies


  2. New constitution descriptioncombined parliamentary regime with emperor as chief of state


  3. Free compulsory educationcombined parliamentary regime with emperor as chief of state


  4. when did Louis Napoleon win?Nap iii so he could go against Austria


  5. Victor EmmanuelLed Sardinia 1850-1861


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