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  1. What did Otto declare concerning government?
  2. sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon
  3. Army crushing Commune led to...
  4. New constitution description
  5. How they wanted to create whole new universal secular culture?
  1. a combined parliamentary regime with emperor as chief of state
  2. b sub section: Second Republic and Louis Napoleon
  3. c national unity
  4. d Government can rule without parliamentary consent
  5. e 1. Hiring women

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  1. republicans, monarchists, and liberals
  2. These new leaders surrendered Alsace and Lorraine to Germany
  3. democracy
  4. 1.sought unity only for the states of northern and perhaps central italy for sardinia so that sardinia could become big
    2.wanted to make Sardinia capable of leading northern italy
  5. preached a republic of equal opportunity, proposed parliamentary supremacy between 1877-1879

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  1. How was new kingdom of Italy?Urban Workers


  2. What did he do to the assembly?he did not abolish the Assembly but only restricted it


  3. July 1858-1859Nap iii made peace with Austria at Villafranca


  4. Why did they encourage teachers to marry and both husband and wife teach at same location?winning the hearts and minds of the next generation


  5. they were more patriotic nowthey were more patriotic now