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  1. War with Prussia Effects
  2. Otton Von Bismarck
  3. Why did Cavour succeed?
  4. William I of prussia
  5. December 2, 1851 FB
  1. a 1871 divided France once again
  2. b replaced Frederick William the IV and wanted to double his army which meant bigger defense budget and higher taxes
  3. c Louis Napoleon dismissed the Assembly and seized power in a coup d'etat
  4. d 1.Junker
    2.Flexible and open pursuing one policy and another\
    3.Took office as chief minister in 1862
  5. e 1.he controlled Garibaldi and had turned nationalism into conservative direction
    2.Venice 1866 Rome 1870

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  1. preached a republic of equal opportunity, proposed parliamentary supremacy between 1877-1879
  2. Nationalism
  3. convicted of treason but proven innocent
  4. an attack on rome would cause war with France and he feared Garibaldi's radicalism and popular appeal( Feared things might turn against him)
  5. winning the hearts and minds of the next generation

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  1. 1.Giuseppe Mazzinipreached a centralized democratic republic based on universal male suffrage and will of people
    seen as quixotic and too radical


  2. Lombardy and Venetiataken by Metternich's Austria


  3. Public OpinionAlways wins last victory


  4. Sardinia and PiedmontUnder italian monarch


  5. the papacy (thoughts on unification )looked for leadership like in Sardinia