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The relational model describes data using a standard tabular format; all data elements are placed in three-dimensional tables called relations, which are the logical equivalent of files.
In the relational model, each row of a table represents a data entity or record and each column of the table represents an attribute or field.
Data and program independece
The DBMS organizes the data independently of the application program, so the application is not affected by the location or type of data. This is an example of ____.
____ employs multidimensional databases and analytics to store and deliver data warehouse information efficiently.
Online Analytical Processing and data mining are essentially the same thing.
Drill down
Data warehouses allow managers to ____ to get increasing levels of detail about business conditions.
A collection of fields about a specific object is a(n) ____.
As long as the tables in a relational database share one common ____, the tables can be linked to provide useful information and reports.
Basic data manipulations include ____ which involves eliminating rows in a relational database.
The ____ is a description that involves "telling" the DBMS the logical and physical structure of the data and the relationships among the data for each user.
virtual database system
___ involves using a database to store and access data according to the locations it describes and to permit spatial queries and analysis.
data analyst
Someone responsible for planning, designing, creating, operating, securing, monitoring, and maintaining databases is called a(n) ____.
data warehouse
A(n) ____ contains a subset of data for a single aspect of a company's business and are used by smaller groups who want to access detailed data for business analysis.
query by example
____ is a visual approach to developing database requests.
The raw data necessary to make sound business decisions is stored in a variety of locations and formats.
A database need not reflect the business processes of the organization.
Carrying summary totals in the data records is an example of planned data redundancy.
Due to their size, databases must be stored on mainframe computers or other large, powerful computers.
Database management system cost in excess of one thousand dollars.
In some cases, multiple organizations collaborate in creating and using international databases.
Application programs interact with systems software, and the systems software directs computer hardware to perform the necessary tasks.
sensitive info could be compromise, the asp could be incapable of keeping its servers and network up, disaster could disable the asps data center
A risk involved with using an application service provider is that ____.
____ is an open source operating system whose source code is freely available to everyone.
The Snow Leopard operating system allows users to view their system as it looked in the past and resurrect deleted files.
dispsal, manufacturing, and compoting
Green computing is focused at the efficient and environmentally responsible ____ of IS related products.
When making hardware decisions, the overriding considerations of a business should be technology cost and currency.
The ____ is a single user, nonportable computer designed to perform engineering, CAD, and software development work.
A software suite is a collection of single programs packaged together as a bundle and typically include word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and more.
A blade server houses many computer motherboards that include one or more processors, computer memory, secondary storage, network connections, and a common power supply and air-cooling source within a single chassis.
To run, applications request services from the operating system through a defined application program interface.
____ are the most powerful computers with the fastest processing speed and highest performance.
RAM stands for random access memory and loses its contents if the current is turned off or disrupted.
Enterprise Resource Planing System (ERP)
Many organizations are turning to ____, a set of integrated programs that manages a company's vital business operations for an entire multisite, global organization.
The ability of a computer to handle an increasing number of concurrent users smoothly is called multitasking.
Compared to main memory, secondary storage offers the advantages of volatility, increased capacity, and lower costs.
end user license agreement
People using commercially available software are usually asked to read and agree to a(n) ____.
Solid state storage devices store data in memory chips rather than magnetic or optical media and require less power to operate while providing slower data access than magnetic data storage devices.
Optical Market Recognition (OMR)
____ are frequently used to capture input in standardized tests such as the SAT and GMAT.
fault tolerant
RAID storage devices provide organizations with data storage that is ____.
System Investigation
The goal of the ____ phase of systems development is to gain a clear understanding of the problem to be solved or opportunity to be addressed.
consists of computer programs that govern the operation of the computer
The value of information is directly linked to how it helps decision makers achieve their organization's____
_____is a visa program that enables skilled employees from foreign lands into the United States.
DSS (decision support system)
A(n) _____is an organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices that support problem-specific decision making.
Return on Investment (ROI)
______ investigates the additional profits or benefits that are generated as a percentage of the investment in IS technology.
Web Administrators
_____are sometimes asked to regulate the use of the Internet and Web sites by employees to ensure that it is appropriate.
People can send short messages of up to _____using Twitter.
140 Characters
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing involves computers understanding and acting on verbal or written commands in English, Spanish, or other human languages.
In information systems, ____ is used to make changes to input or processing activities.
_____ consists of computer equipment used to perform input, processing, and output activities.
Time and Distance challenges, Technology transfer issues, and Infrastructure challenges
______are all major challenge in expanding the global reach of information systems
Microsoft Office
______ is an example of application software that allows you to accomplish specific tasks such as word processing or tabulating numbers.
Technology Diffusion
_____is a measure of how widely technology is spread throughout an organization.
_____ is (are) considered to be the most important element in a computer-based information system.
Supply Chain Management
______helps determine what supplies are required for the value chain, what quantities are needed to meet customer demand, how the supplies should be manufactured into finished goods and services, and how the shipment of supplies and products to customers should be scheduled, monitored, and controlled.
Neural Networks
_____ is a branch of artificial intelligence that allows computers to recognize and act on patterns or trends.
Programs to retain loyal customers and Marketing and Advertising
Customer relationship management programs help companies manage _______.
A(n) _____is a network based on Web technologies that allows only selected outsiders, such as business partners and customers, to access authorized resources of a company's intranet.
few dozen
Literally thousands of programming languages have been developed, but only a ______are commonly used today.
Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD's)
The ______ is an advanced optical disk technology still in development that would store more data than even the Blu-ray optical disk system.
Grid Computing
______ is the use of a collection of computers, often owned by many people or different organizations, to work in a coordinated manner to solve a common problem.
_____ is a powerful operating system originally developed by AT&T for use on minicomputers but now runs on workstations, servers, and mainframe computers.
Each central processing unit consists of two primary elements: the arithmetic/logic unit and the _____ unit.
The software is likely to meet the basic business needs that are common across organizations.
One advantage of proprietary software versus off-the-shelf software is that _____
Product Information, Identification, Location information, or details about the product tagged.
An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag on an inventory item might contain information _____
User Interface
The _____features of the operating system allocate computer resources to make the best use of each system's assets.
A collection of fields about a specific object is a(n) _____.
Virtual Database
Companies such as IBM have developed _______systems to allow different databases to work together as a unified database system.
Direct Marketing
_____ is an application of data mining that identifies the products and services most commonly purchased at the same time.
A ______ is a collection of integrated and related Files.
SQL (Structured Query Language)
_____ is a standardized data manipulation language developed in the 1970s that allows programmers to use one powerful language and use it on a variety of systems.