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  1. taphonomy
  2. feature
  3. abduction
  4. ancestral
  5. true fossilization
  1. a the study of how bones and other materials come to be preserved in the earth as fossils
  2. b mineralization of bone
  3. c movement away from the midline of the body or from the center of the hand or foot
  4. d characteristics that define a group of organisms that are due to shared ancestry; present in both the living species and ancestral forms (share with all)
  5. e a non-profitable element such as a hearth or an architectural element such as a wall that is preserved in the archaeological record

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  1. places containing archaeological remains of previous human activity are known as sites
  2. a model of macroevolutionary change that suggests evolution occurs via long periods of stability or stasis punctuated by periods of rapid change
  3. a factor that seperates breeding populations, thereby preventing gene flow, creating divergent subspecies and ultimately (if maintained) divergent species
  4. a layer in a stratified site
  5. Layered; termed used to describe archaeological sites where remains lie in layers, one upon another.

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  1. ethnohistorical datamaps, documents, oral histories + folklore


  2. heterochronychange in the timing of developmental events that is often responsible for changes in the shape or size of a body part


  3. palynologythe study of how bones and other materials come to be preserved in the earth as fossils


  4. Continental driftaccording to the theory of plate tectonics, the movement of continents embedded in underlying plates on the earth's surface in relation to one another over the history of life on earth


  5. Macroevolutionevolution above the species level