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  1. adduction
  2. datum point
  3. bipedalism
  4. anagenesis
  5. matrix
  1. a a sustained directional shift in populations average characteristics
  2. b movement toward the midline of the body or from the center of the hand or foot
  3. c the starting point, or reference, for a grid system
  4. d the mode of locomotion in which an organism walks upright on its two hind legs, characteristics of humans and their ancestors; also called bipedality
  5. e earth immediately surrounding the fossil when the fossil is removed as a single block

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  1. a technique of chronometric dating based on measuring the amount of radioactive carbon (^14C) & carbon 12 which are in proportions identical to those found in the atmosphere, left in organic materials found in archaeological sites
  2. change in the timing of developmental events that is often responsible for changes in the shape or size of a body part
  3. a technique for relative dating based on putting groups of objects into a sequence fin relation to one another
  4. maps, documents, oral histories + folklore
  5. a model of macroevolutionary change that suggests evolution occurs via long periods of stability or stasis punctuated by periods of rapid change

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  1. diastemaA space between the canines and other teeth allowing the large projecting canines to fit within the jaw


  2. true fossilizationmineralization of bone


  3. derivedplaces containing archaeological remains of previous human activity are known as sites


  4. adaptive radiationIn archeology and paleoanthropology, designating an event, object, or fossil as being older or younger than another


  5. stratuma layer in a stratified site


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