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  1. What are 3 types of prompts?
  2. How can we increase the child's communication from gestures to vocalization?
  3. 'Hit ball' is an example of what semantic relation?
  4. What does eliciting proto-declaratives help kids learn how to do?
  5. ILS therapy is well suited for _____________ to administer
  1. a It helps kids learn how to direct our attention to topics on which they're focused.
  2. b 1.Time delay
    2.Gaze intersection
  3. c Action-object
  4. d parents
  5. e Up the ante-withhold responding until child produces vocal behavior.Only those vocalizations that include CONSONANTS help to move child in direction of words.Don't reward vocalizations, e.g., grunts, whines, & uh-uh.Acknowledge communication; say, "You want it; tell me..."

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  1. The results of the evaluation we've done.
  2. Setting the goals for the child's intervention program.
  3. recurrence
  4. Proto-declaratives
  5. "nonexistence, denial, rejection"

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  1. .If the child is only using gestures, what do we do?Increase the communication maturity from gesture, to vocalization, and then to words.


  2. If the child is older than thirty months and has additional risk factors, Paul suggestsContinued evaluation of phonology, lexical productions and semantic syntactic skills as well as targeting increased expression through parent consultation or direct intervention."


  3. What are the collateral areas for language assessment?Speech-motor and hearing.


  4. Only those vocalizations that include ______________________ help to move child in direction of wordsparents


  5. .What type of goal is an ideal context for parent involvement?Symbolic play goals