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  1. Evaluating a child's communicative functioning in each area is important for what 2 purposes?
  2. The parent or clinician can model play in gestures with simple language in facilitating symbolic play goals.
    Give an example of how the adult might encourage early auto-symbolic play
  3. Only those vocalizations that include ______________________ help to move child in direction of words
  4. When using Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching Methods, how should you Follow the child's attentional lead?
  5. If the child is using a wide range of ____________________, then the child is moving toward normal semantic and syntactic development
  1. a The adult might present the child with some toys such as a bottle, bed, spoon, cup, etc. If the child looks at or touches the cup, the adult might say, "Nice cup! Let's have a drink, " and pretend to drink from it.
    The adult would then encourage the child to imitate the auto-symbolic action: "Now you try a drink. Mmm! It's good, isn't it?""
  2. b Talk about the toys the child selects.
    Communicate at child's rate, even if there are long periods of silence.Imitate the child's motor act exactly, or with a reduced or slightly expanded version
    .Use contingent vocal imitation-give a partial, exact or modified version of the child's vocalization.
  3. c semantic relations
  4. d consonants
  5. e 1.Developing a prognosis.
    2.Devising a treatment plan.

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  1. Phonology, lexical production, and semantic-syntactic production.
  2. Demonstrative-entity
  3. 1.Time delay
    2.Gaze intersection
  4. Place desired materials in view but out of reach. Violate the expected order of events.
  5. Example-You can establish a social routine, then withhold a turn and look expectantly at the child or provide a verbal prompt like, "What do you want?" to get the child to request. If the child does not respond, the clinician or parent may use gaze intersection or a gestural model to assist the child.

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  1. Are functional or symbolic play skills present? If it's a problem, the speech language pathologist shouldProvide opportunities in intervention for the child to observe,model, and imitate conventional and symbolic uses of objects in play contexts.


  2. 'More milk' is an example of what semantic relation?recurrence


  3. Treatment for kids using higher-level semantic relations in the presence of delayed expressive language would entailEnhancing the advanced conceptual development with appropriate play contexts and attempting to provide the child with a more conventional means for expressing his ideas.


  4. .When using Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching Methods, what are the 3 types of specific consequences?1. prompts
    2. models
    3. natural consequences


  5. What 4 questions are central to the decision tree for intervention planning in the emerging language stage?1. Functional or symbolic play skills?
    2. Nonverbal intentional communicative skills present? (gestures)
    3. Linguistic comprehension appropriate for the developmental level?
    4. Additional risk factors?