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  1. Higher level semantic relations have to do with what 4 concepts?
  2. If the child's Range Of Intentions Expressed is limited, what should we do?
  3. .The treatment program for children at the emerging language stage is a bit more ________________________ than at the pre-linguistic stage
  4. What are 3 types of prompts?
  5. ILS therapy is well suited for _____________ to administer
  1. a focused and specific
  2. b Focus on both proto-imperatives and proto-declaratives.
  3. c 1. Time- (go now)
    2.Manner-(go fast)
    3.Sequence -(eat [then] drink)
    4.Causality (cry [because] hurt)
  4. d parents
  5. e 1.Time delay
    2.Gaze intersection

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  1. What they want the child to learn and how much of the intervention they would like to deliver themselves.
  2. Indirect Language Stimulation techniques.
  3. Work to increase nonverbal communication using modeling and communication temptations.
  4. Establish a more basic foundation in reciprocity and anticipatory sets.
  5. The parents and the clinician.

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  1. What guidelines should parents following when working with their children?Follow child's lead by imitating actions, sounds, & words that the child produces.
    Provide words to match the child's actions and activities.
    Let the child choose the topic, activity, or material.
    Comment on something the child is already focused on.


  2. What if the child is showing reciprocal behavior,turn-taking in back and forth babbling games, and anticipates action in baby games such as peek-a-boo, but is not yet using the functional and symbolic behaviors?This child is probably ready to be encouraged to use the next levels of symbolic behavior, such as early conventional and symbolic play and deictic gestures (showing, giving, pointing, reaching)


  3. If the child is older than thirty months and has additional risk factors, Paul suggestsContinued evaluation of phonology, lexical productions and semantic syntactic skills as well as targeting increased expression through parent consultation or direct intervention."


  4. "Johnny will demonstrate symbolic play at the extended multiple play episode level as demonstrated in at least five different contexts in at least two different settings"
    The goal says the behavior must be demonstrated with at least five different themes.What would be some examples?
    Perhaps a doll theme, a cleaning the house theme, a talking on the phone theme.


  5. To assess a toddler's communication skills, we measure...FUNCTION, RATE and FORM of communicating