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  1. We can teach receptive language skills by combining play skills therapy with
  2. The speech language pathologist also needs to encourage and teach parents to use
  3. ILS therapy is well suited for _____________ to administer
  4. When assessing semantic relations, you code each 2-word utterance in the sample into one of the semantic categories. Utterances that don't fit into any of the combinations would be coded as
  5. When using Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching Methods, how should you Follow the child's attentional lead?
  1. a Indirect Language Stimulation techniques.
  2. b Other
  3. c parents
  4. d Indirect language strategies
  5. e Talk about the toys the child selects.
    Communicate at child's rate, even if there are long periods of silence.Imitate the child's motor act exactly, or with a reduced or slightly expanded version
    .Use contingent vocal imitation-give a partial, exact or modified version of the child's vocalization.

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  1. Cognitive development and symbolic behavior.
  2. Up the ante-withhold responding until child produces vocal behavior.Only those vocalizations that include CONSONANTS help to move child in direction of words.Don't reward vocalizations, e.g., grunts, whines, & uh-uh.Acknowledge communication; say, "You want it; tell me..."
  3. 1. Time- (go now)
    2.Manner-(go fast)
    3.Sequence -(eat [then] drink)
    4.Causality (cry [because] hurt)
  4. Perhaps a doll theme, a cleaning the house theme, a talking on the phone theme.
  5. Explain that we need to provide supernormal (extra-extra!) levels of stimuli.

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  1. .If the child is only using gestures, what do we do?Increase the communication maturity from gesture, to vocalization, and then to words.


  2. The consequences of language delay for a child's social and cognitive development can be _____________. Language is one of the most ________________ functions in a young child's developmentcomprehension of questions, requests and commands


  3. Many programs have been developed that use parents as the _________________. Some of these programs involve teaching parents the clinician directed, hybrid or child centered approaches to elicit languageprimary agents of intervention.


  4. Are nonverbal intentional communicative skills present? If it's a problem, treatment should includeWork to increase nonverbal communication using modeling and communication temptations.


  5. If higher-level semantic relations are being conveyed frequently, it suggests that the child is exhibiting....Some advanced cognitive development in the presence of delayed expressive language.