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  1. Higher level semantic relations have to do with what 4 concepts?
  2. Only those vocalizations that include ______________________ help to move child in direction of words
  3. The reason that parents are encouraged to be agents of intervention is because
  4. What are the child's additional risk factors? If the child is less than 30 months, Paul suggests
  5. 'This ball' is an example of what semantic relation?
  1. a Demonstrative-entity
  2. b Monitoring his progress every three to six months, providing counseling to parents, and considering intervention if expressive language continues to lag as he entries the older preschool period."
  3. c Parent implemented intervention will encourage generalization more quickly and may encourage social skills as well as communication with the child.
  4. d consonants
  5. e 1. Time- (go now)
    2.Manner-(go fast)
    3.Sequence -(eat [then] drink)
    4.Causality (cry [because] hurt)

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  1. 1.Do not require specific response.
    2.Structure the situation.
    3.Provide multiple models (SLP & parent) & child opportunities.
  2. This child is probably ready to be encouraged to use the next levels of symbolic behavior, such as early conventional and symbolic play and deictic gestures (showing, giving, pointing, reaching)
  3. Up the ante-withhold responding until child produces vocal behavior.Only those vocalizations that include CONSONANTS help to move child in direction of words.Don't reward vocalizations, e.g., grunts, whines, & uh-uh.Acknowledge communication; say, "You want it; tell me..."
  4. Direct intervention aimed at eliciting expressive communication.
  5. Increase the communication maturity from gesture, to vocalization, and then to words.

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  1. Many programs have been developed that use parents as the _________________. Some of these programs involve teaching parents the clinician directed, hybrid or child centered approaches to elicit languageparents


  2. What does eliciting proto-declaratives help kids learn how to do?states of feeling and attention.


  3. When children can utilize proto-imperatives and proto-declaratives, we can begin to focus onInitial symbolic types of communication.


  4. To assess a toddler's general developmental level, we measure...Phonology, lexical production, and semantic-syntactic production.


  5. 'All gone cookie' is an example of what semantic relation?agent-action


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