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  1. Only those vocalizations that include ______________________ help to move child in direction of words
  2. To assess a toddler's communication skills, we measure...
  3. What is the "Be Spontaneous Paradox"?
  4. The parent or clinician can model play in gestures with simple language in facilitating symbolic play goals.
    Give an example of how the adult might encourage early auto-symbolic play
  5. When children can utilize proto-imperatives and proto-declaratives, we can begin to focus on
  1. a FUNCTION, RATE and FORM of communicating
  2. b consonants
  3. c Initial symbolic types of communication.
  4. d We want them to initiate communication spontaneously but we have to somehow get them to do it.
  5. e The adult might present the child with some toys such as a bottle, bed, spoon, cup, etc. If the child looks at or touches the cup, the adult might say, "Nice cup! Let's have a drink, " and pretend to drink from it.
    The adult would then encourage the child to imitate the auto-symbolic action: "Now you try a drink. Mmm! It's good, isn't it?""

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  1. Establish routines & then violate the routine. Withhold a turn, etc.
  2. -Johnny will demonstrate symbolic play at the extended multiple play episode level as demonstrated in at least five different contexts in at least two different settings.
  3. states of feeling and attention.
  4. Both expressive and receptive skills through the use of focused stimulation and ILS (Indirect language stimulation).
  5. Parent implemented intervention will encourage generalization more quickly and may encourage social skills as well as communication with the child.

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  1. Name the 3 characteristics of MILIEU TEACHING TECHNIQUES1.Desirable materials/activities are visible, but out of reach. 2.Wait for interest, prompt communication (15 sec.).
    3.Or provide model for child to imitate (15 sec.).


  2. What are the 2 types of models?"Nice Belt!"


  3. To assess a toddler's social / affective signaling, we measure...comprehension of questions, requests and commands


  4. When using Prelinguistic Milieu Teaching Methods, how should you Follow the child's attentional lead?Talk about the toys the child selects.
    Communicate at child's rate, even if there are long periods of silence.Imitate the child's motor act exactly, or with a reduced or slightly expanded version
    .Use contingent vocal imitation-give a partial, exact or modified version of the child's vocalization.


  5. Evaluating a child's communicative functioning in each area is important for what 2 purposes?Monitoring his progress every three to six months, providing counseling to parents, and considering intervention if expressive language continues to lag as he entries the older preschool period."