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displacement effect

internet makes people antisocial


the www's hardware

synchronous communication

sender and receiver are active at the same time (telephone)


1 sender, many receivers


many receivers, but not whole population


opposite of broadcasting


Transmission Control Protocol describes how packets are sent across the Internet.


small chunk of data

domain name instead of


software that crawls the web, follows links from one page to another while noting the content of each page crawled

query processing

software that examines search terms and uses indexes of pages related to those terms

search engines

find out the content of web pages and answer search requests (queries)

IP packet

small chunk of data with determined destination


local networks that support communication within an organization

legit sites have

physical existence, expertise, clarity, currency, and professionalism


standard bit sequence for characters


8 bits


whether a number is even or odd

escape key

control, alt, shift. not tab.


name for 2 fundamental patters of digital information based on the presence and absence of a phenomenon. Presence and Absence

root name servers

keep the master list of all of the name-to-address translations (IP to DNS)


wide area network, designed to send info between 2 locations widely separated and not directly connected


connected to the internet, capable of broadcasting and receiving signals which the mobile computers can also send and receive


hierarchy of related computers on a network


computers on the same level of a domain name

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