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  1. ontology
  2. Dharma
  3. Shiva
  4. Atman
  5. smirti
  1. a our meaning systems or world
  2. b "duty" social and varna duty
  3. c self, soul. This is what lives on after death
  4. d destroyer
  5. e "what is remembered," tradition, second class texts

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  1. "pleasure"
  2. "wealth, status"
  3. religions were first based on the oral recitation
  4. creator
  5. first-order, that which is considered to be original or primary somehow.

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  1. karma"pleasure"


  2. OM/AUMuniversal sound of Hinduism and Buddhism. The sound the of the universe and nature. The cycle of rebirth.


  3. Visnupreserver


  4. isegesisa close reading of a selection of texts, payings special attention to word choice.


  5. The Four Aims of DvijaStudent, Householder, Forest dweller, and World-renouncer/ascetic