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  1. maya
  2. Brahma
  3. Varnashramadharma
  4. Brahmin
  5. Shiva
  1. a class, peer group, duty, One social duty according to class and peer group. Your place in life.
  2. b creator
  3. c "illusion" the world is shaped by our fears and desires. we cannot see past to see that atman and brahman are the same
  4. d destroyer
  5. e priestly caste

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  1. warriors, soliders
  2. universal sound of Hinduism and Buddhism. The sound the of the universe and nature. The cycle of rebirth.
  3. authoritative collection of texts
  4. may or may not be included in a canon
  5. the art of interpretation

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  1. deuterocanonicalsecond-order, interpretations and comments about protocanonical


  2. Sankara"going through," a world of rebirth, of suffering. The cyclic world. Karma fuels this.


  3. Rsithe seers, wrote the vedas


  4. karma"pleasure"


  5. ontologyour meaning systems or world