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  1. shruti
  2. Aretha
  3. canon
  4. Krishna
  5. Visnu
  1. a authoritative collection of texts
  2. b "wealth, status"
  3. c "what is heard," revelation, the Vedas
  4. d in Hinduism, the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu
  5. e preserver

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  1. "duty" social and varna duty
  2. the seers, wrote the vedas
  3. "ignorance" we refuse to see that atman and brahman are the same
  4. Kama, Aretha, Dharma, Moksha
  5. a close reading of a selection of texts, payings special attention to word choice.

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  1. Brahminpriestly caste


  2. karma"pleasure"


  3. Agnia sacraficial fire, supposed to be a mouth to the gods. There is one kept in the temple, in the school, and in the home.


  4. Shivadestroyer


  5. Brahmacreator


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