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Finale (noun)
the end or final part of something (especially of a performance, a musical piece, or a series)
Splice (verb) (noun)
1. to join together by intertwining strands or ends, to join together, to unite or insert genes
2. a joint/union made by splicing
Facet (noun)
a small side of, a feature making up a subject/object
Candor (noun)
radiance, fairness, complete honesty
Volatile (adj.)
explosive, violent, subject to frequent and dramatic change, quickly evaporating
Pious (adj.)
characterized by devotion to a religion, virtuously religious, devoted, characterized by hypocritical devotion
Divert (verb)
to stray, to redirect, to distract, to distract from negative things
Imminent (adj.)
about to take place, looming threateningly
Aghast (adj.)
astonished, hit by terror
Deluge (noun)
a flood, a saturating rain, a gigantic amount or quality
Tangible (adj.) (noun)
1. able to be touched, real instead of imaginary, concrete and definite, identifiable
2. something that can be touched especially of measurable value
Recalcitrant (adj.)
stubbornly defiant, difficult to deal with, irresponsive/resistant
Penitent (adj.) (noun)
1. feeling humility/regret/sadness for a negative action, repentant
2. Someone who repents (especially regarding a church)
Animosity (noun)
active ill will, active hatred/resentment
Egress (noun)
the action of leaving, a place for leaving
Peddle (verb)
to travel while selling/offering, to distribute, to busy oneself with unimportant things
Wan (adj.)
pale, unnatural and sickly, weak and ineffective, unenergetic
Scald (verb)
to burn with or to burn like with hot liquid or steam, to subject to hot liquid or steam, to singe, to bring just below the boiling point.
Audible (adj.)
able to be heard
Hovel (noun)
a humble/desolate house, a messy/dirty hut
Surmise (noun) (verb)
1. a speculation with little evidence
2.to form a speculation with little evidence
Taut (adj.)
tense, firmly drawn, kept in good condition, tight
Bias (noun)
a judgement for or against something, a prejudice
Tyranny (noun)
harsh power, oppression, unrestrained authority, the government/state of an absolute authority, uncalled for an unjust severity
Profound (adj.)
demonstrating deep thought and perception, hard to understand, deep (physically deep), intense and complete
Benefactor (noun)
one who gifts, one who bestows a a benefit
Rancor (noun)
harsh and ingrained hostility
Terse (adj.)
very concise in language, abruptly concise, brisk
Arid (adj.)
very dry, too dry to plant crops, lacking in life
Contrition (noun)
the state of being remorseful, of showing sorrow for for a fault or bad deed
Banal (adj.)
lacking innovation and originality, having no originality
Fidelity (noun)
loyalty, the state of being strictly faithful, precision
Posterity (noun)
the collection of all future generations (of humanity), the entire collection of one person's descenants
Abridge (verb)
to shorten, to diminish, to make smaller
Solicit (verb)
to request, to strongly push, to seek, to push for orders/sales, to tempt to evil
Prudent (adj.)
demonstrating wisdom and insight, sharp in judgement
Squander (verb)
to spend wastefully and unwisely, to lose an opportunity through slackness, to spread out
Harbinger (noun) (verb)
1. someone or something that initiates or heralds a major change or event
2. to be a harbinger to, to herald
Destitute (adj.)
lacking something important, seriously lacking material goods (being in severe poverty)
Recluse (noun)
someone living isolated from society, placed solitary from the world
Ruse (noun)
a trick, a deceptive tactic, a ploy
Brevity (noun)
briefness in expression, succinctness in length
Cache (noun)
a storage/hiding place for tools/supplies, something hidden in such a place
Procure (verb)
to get a hold of, to gather by notable care or exertion, to achieve
Repudiate (verb)
to reject as binding or valid, to disown, to denounce
Sporadic (adj.)
taking place randomly/erratically, taking place cut off from other instances
Circumscribe (verb)
to set clear boundaries to an area or activity, to surround by a line or boundary, to construct around while touching as many points as possible (geometry)
Opportune (adj.)
fitting or convenient, taking place at an appropriate time
Accord (verb) (noun)
1. to be in agreement, to grant to someone
2. an agreement, a treaty
Ratify (verb)
to formally confirm