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  1. Reprieve-
  2. Describe the Constitutional Powers of the President:
  3. What is the Executive Office of the President responsible for?
  4. Government Corporations-
  5. Executive Order-
  1. a Is a rule or command that has the force of law
  2. b An order to delay a person's punishment until a higher court can hear the case
  3. c A business owned and operated by the federal government
  4. d President's main job is to execute, or carry out, the laws passed by congress
  5. e Chief of Staff, Duputy chief and Press Secretary

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  1. Direct the U.S. military and foreign policy
  2. An agreement between the president and the leader of another country
  3. Department of state, Department of the Treatury, Department of Justice and Department of Labor
  4. Federal board or commisson that is not part of amy cabinet department
  5. 270

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  1. Foreign Policy-A formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries


  2. Ambassador-An agreement among a group of nations that prohibits them all from trading with a target nation


  3. First Women to head the National Security Council was:Direct the U.S. military and foreign policy


  4. Trade Sanctions-A formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries


  5. Spoils System-The practice of hiring government workers on the basis of open, competitive examinations and merit


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