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  1. What are official duties of the Vice President?
  2. How long is one Presidential Term?
  3. Describe the Constitutional Powers of the President:
  4. Political Appointees-
  5. Civil Service System-
  1. a The practice of hiring government workers on the basis of open, competitive examinations and merit
  2. b A person appointed to a federal position by the president
  3. c Article1 states that the Vice President shall preside over the Senate
  4. d Every four year term
  5. e President's main job is to execute, or carry out, the laws passed by congress

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  1. Every four year election
  2. Chief of Staff, Duputy chief and Press Secretary
  3. Is a rule or command that has the force of law
  4. In which the president discusses the most important issues facing the nation
  5. Chief of staff, Press secretary and deputy chief of staff

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  1. 4 members of the Inner Cabinet are:Every four year term


  2. Ambassador-An official representative of a country's government


  3. National Security-The ability to keep the country safe from attack or harm


  4. How many electoral Votes are needed to win in a Presidential Election?Every four year election


  5. Main job of the National Security Council:Helps the president direct the U.S. military and police