English Explorer 4 unit 6 Marysia

17 terms by best2f

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generally accepted


attractiveness that interests or pleases.


to place, put on, or spread something


someone whose job is to be in a place and help visitors




an ocean ship trip taken for pleasure


time when country, population or any group achieves success.


boring; be in not good situation, NOT TRUE


something which can exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere; ET, the extra-terrestial


the bright, glowing gas we see when something burns

to fool

to make someone believe something that is not true; to trick;


making of fake copy of something

gale-force wind

strong wind; 8 in Beaufort scale, breaks some branches, walking is hard


when people risk money on the result of something which is not certain, such as a card game or a horse race.


trick; to trick somebody;


difficult or bad situation


a box in which a dead person is buried.

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