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What Word feature has a small box with an upward- and downward-pointing arrow that enables you to move through a set of values by clicking?

Spin box

Which Word screen element provides a visual indication of your location in a document?

Scroll box

The abbreviation for point, referring to font size is:


Because you will see the document as it will print, ________ view is the ideal view to use when learning Microsoft Word 2007.

print layout

Highlighting an area of text with your mouse so it can be edited, formatted, copied, or moved is called:

selecting text

How do you deselect an image?

Click outside image

When you start the Word program, what do you need to do to create a new document?

start typing

Beginning of Document

ctrl and home

________ fonts such as Arial do not have lines on the ends of characters.

sans serif

The ________ view displays the page borders, margins, text, and graphics.

Print Layout

Which Word screen element contains the Proof button?

Status Bar

In which view do headers and footers NOT display?


Click the Show/Hide button to turn on the display of nonprinting characters. Then, click the Show/Hide button one more time to turn it off again. This type of button is referred to as a(n):

Toggle button.

The Word feature that determines whether or not the next word in the line will fit within the established right margin is called:

word wrap

When navigating around in a Word document, which keyboard shortcut moves forward to the next screen?

pg down

What Word navigation techniques provide the greatest amount of flexibility?

keyboard shortcuts

A ________ is a small note, activated by holding the pointer over a button or other screen object.

screentip (one word)

A(n) ________ in a sentence marks a break in thought, similar to a comma, but stronger.

Em dash

Which line spacing is used for most college research papers and reports?

double spaced

A(n) ________ is a small box with an upward- and downward-pointing arrow that lets you move through a set of values by clicking.

spin box

Citations for the current document display in the:

current list box

Some style guidelines may require that the page number on the first page be:


The ________ button displays a list that lets you determine how information is to be pasted into your document.

paste options

When inserting a footnote into a document, where is the footnote number added to the text?

the insertion point

Inserting the current date and time on the footer of a research paper can help you:

identify various revisions

To turn a list off, all options will work EXCEPT:

pressing the tab key

Word contains built-in paragraph formats called:


In addition to numbers, symbols such as *, #, ¶, or § can be used denote ________.


When using the Format Painter, the pointer takes the shape of a(n):


Within what Word feature can you add automatic page numbers, dates, times, the file name, and pictures?

header and footer

Each item in a list is a separate ________ and can be formatted independently.


A nonbreaking space is displayed as a(n):

open circle

What is the keyboard shortcut to insert a manual page break?

ctrl enter

Which line spacing leaves just enough space between lines to separate the text?


A(n) ________ is the default symbol in the list of commonly used symbols

em dash

In the paragraph spacing spin box the spin arrows increment spacing in multiples of:

6 points at one time

The placement of paragraph text relative to the left and right margins is known as:


Text that is inserted into a(n) ________ displays on the bottom of every page.


Most business documents are:

single spaced

When you want to keep two words together regardless of where they fall in a paragraph, use a(n) ________ to wrap both words to the next line.

nonbreaking space

What determines the type of formatting that will be applied if you double-click at the pointer location on the page?

The shape attached to the pointer

________ include pictures, clip art, charts and drawing objects.


The ________ setting in the Borders and Shading dialog box enables you to change the characteristics of individual border lines.


________ pointers are a series of pointers with lines attached in various arrangements to depict alignment.

click and type

To move to the tabbed location within the cell and not to the next cell, press:

ctrl tab

Both the Numbering and Bullets buttons work as:

toggle buttons

In the MLA style, references to items on the Works Cited page are placed in ________, which are references that include the last name of the author and the page number in the referenced source.

parenthetical references

Which type of paragraph alignment has the text aligned on both the left and right margins?

justified alignment

The ________ is defined as the space between the text and the top, bottom, left and right edges of the paper.


________ are small dark boxes you can drag to manually change the size of WordArt.

sizing handles

The ________ buttons enable you to apply precision formatting to your shadows.

nudge shadow

The Move pointer enables you to move a(n) ________ object anywhere in the document.


________ mark specific locations on a line of text.

tab stops

The ________ is a work area for complex drawings.

drawing canvas

What can you do to remove a tab stop?

drag tab stop below ruler

A(n) ________ draws the readers eye across the page from one item to the next.

leader character

What Word object is used to drag parts of an object into various positions?

adjustment handles

In the Cell Alignment gallery you can choose from both ________ and ________ cell alignment options.

horizontal and vertical

What symbol is used to indicate which paragraph WordArt is attached to?


________ consist of two straight lines and are used for such things as inch marks.

Straight quotes

With the Soft Edges feature, how can you determine how far the fade goes inward from the edges of the picture?

select the number of points

In a document, which key do you press to insert leader characters that have been set?


Graphics inserted as an inline object in a sentence are treated like a(n):


To move to the tabbed location within the cell and not to the next cell, press:

ctrl and tab

Previous cell

shift and tab

When pictures are inserted as a inline object, the picture becomes:

the first character of the paragraph.

You can change the height and width of a text box in the ________.

size group

________ are small dark boxes you can drag to manually change the size of WordArt.

sizing handles

When converting existing text into a table, the text must be marked using a(n) ________.

separator character

What button is used to merge cells so that you can position the table title across the columns?

merge cells

What type of object is WordArt?


You can quickly give a table a professional design by using:

table style

The move pointer is displayed as a(n):

four way arrow

Information about the tab stop is stored in the:

paragraph mark

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