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the presence of five digits on hands and feet is

an ancestral mammalian pattern retained to some degree in most primate species

in Euocene primates (euprimates) the recognizable and modern derived primate traits are:

forward facing eyes
opposable big toes

as an order, primates:

have generalized traits

in laboratory experiments, monkeys raised without mothers

displayed abnormal social behaviors

the primate emphasis on the visual sense is reflected in:

the reduction in the size of structure related to sense of smell
presence of color vision in most species
a more forward facing position of the eyes relative to most other mammals

the order primates is traditionally divided into two suborders:

prosimii and anthropoidea

What is seen in NW monkeys but not in OW monkeys

prehensile tail

if females of a given primate group are philopatric, it means that females:

remain in one's natal group as an adult

different species that share the same habitat are said to be:


primatologists consider chimpanzee "termite fishing" an example of cultural behavior because ...

it is a learned behavior that continues as a within-group tradition
it involves tool preparation and use

amicable behaviors that promote group cohesion are called ...

affiliative behaviors

some taxonomists have developed an alternate system of classification in which tarsiers, monkeys, apes and humans are placed together in the suborder:


in the context of social groups, dominance hierarchies

impose a certain amount of order within the group

species that produce relative large numbers of offspring and invest littler parental care are said to be:


he traditional view of nonhuman communication has been that nonhumans, including primates:

communicate information relating tot heir emotional state only

which of the following hominids has the most primitive (ancestral) traits?

australopithecus afarensis

traditionally, primate characteristics have been explained as the result of adaptations to what kind of environment?


what is the study of the evolution of behavior, emphasizing the role of ecological factors as agents of natural selection?

behavioral ecology

a sagittal crest is:

a characteristic of some "robust" australopithecines
a raised ridge of bone running along the midline of the cranium for the attachment of muscles

the Y-5 molar:

have 5 cusps with a groove running between them

paleoanthropologists are interested in nonhuman primate tool use because:

possibly resembles tool use in early hominins

what does a defect in Wernicke's area of the brain cause?

issue related to language comprehension

linguistic symbols, like English letters, do not resemble the object or concept they represent and are described as:


amicable behaviors that promote group cohesion are called ____ behaviors


taxonomists have developed an alternate system of classification in which tarsiers are removed from the ____ suborder and placed with monkeys, apes and humans in the suborder _____


when a male langur takes over another male's group, they sometimes kill the young infants. the evolutionary explanation for this behavior is that:

increases the reproductive success of the male
causes the infant's mother to cease lactation and resume estrous/reproductive cycling
mother becomes sexually receptive/available to the new, dominant male

in nonhuman primates, the most rapid period of brain development occurs:

shortly before birth

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