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they did not want people to vote

Why did the Democrats want to write the Alabama Constitution in 1901?

read, write and own property (land)

What three things voters had to be able to do in order to vote under the Constitution of 1901?

peoples lives

What did the Progressives want to improve?

Booker T. Washington

Who built Tuskegee Institute?

hydroelectric dams

What was built to bring electricity to the people of Alabama cities?

Wilbur and Orville Wright

Who flew the first motorized aircraft at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina?

the automobile, telephone and telegraph

What three inventions made life better for people in the early 1900s?

France, England and the United States

What three countries were allies and fought against Germany in World War I?

because so many countries were involved

Why was World War I called the Great War?

because lots of inventions were made

Why were the years following World War I called the "Roaring Twenties?"

speeches, rallies and parades

Name three things that women in Alabama did to gain the right to vote.

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