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Lab Practical 1
Simple Squamous Epithelium
Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
Simple Cuboidal Kidney
Simple Columnar Epithelium
Pseudostratified Ciliated Squamous Epithelium
Goblet Cells (in Simple Columnar Epithelium)
Areolar Connective
Adipose Connective
Reticular Connective
Dense Regular Connective
Hyaline Cartilage
Elastic Cartilage
Bone Tissue (Compact Bone)
Spongy Bone
Stratified Squamous Epithelium
Simple Squamous Location:
Endothelium; Wall of Alveoli; lining of heart, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels
Simple Cuboidal Location:
Kidney (renal) tubules, glandular cells, ovary surface
Simple Columnar Location:
Lining of digestive tract (from stomach to rectum), gallbladder
Stratified Squamous Location:
Epidermis of skin (keratinized); lining of mouth and esophagus (non-keratinized)
Location of Goblet Cells:
Modified Glandular Epithelial Cells, Produce Mucus
Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Location:
Lining of Trachea, most of the upper respiratory tract
Areolar Location:
Widely distributed under epithelia of body; packages organs, surrounds capillaries
Adipose Location:
Under Skin, around kidneys and eyeballs, within abdomen, in breasts
Reticular Location:
Lymphoid Organs (lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen
Dense Regular Location:
Tendons, Most ligaments
Hyaline Cartilage Location:
Covers ends of long bones in joint cavities, forms costal cartilages, nose, trachea, and larynx
Elastic Cartilage Location:
Outer ear, Epiglottis
Fibrocartilage Location:
Intervertibral discs, discs of knee joint