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egg of a serpent

what does brutus compare caesar to?

kill him "in the shell"

what brutus decide to do to caesar?

sleeping while rome is threatened

what does the letter accuse brutus of?

a protest against caesar

how does brutus interpret the letter?

cassius and the rest of the conspirators

who knocks on caesars door?

their cause should be strong enough

why does brutus decide against an oath for the conspirators?

he would bring good public opinion

why do the conspirators want to bring cicero into the group?

cicero would never follow anyone else's ideas

why does brutus not want cicero to join?


who does cassius suggest they kill along with caesar?


who suggests killing antony?

it would make their plan to bloody

why does brutus not want to kill antony?


who says he will make sure caesar comes to the capitol?

like actors

how does brutus want the conspirators to behave?

he doesnt feel well

what does brutus tell portia when she asks about his strange behavior?


who is brutus's wife?


who knocks on brutus's door while hes talking to his wife?


does ligarius want to join the conspirators?

Calpurnia's dreams

whats keeping caesar awake?

three times

how times has calpurnia cried out in her sleep?

caesar's death

what does calpurnia dream about?

that he stay home

what do the augurs recommend for caesar?

they examined an animal and didnt find a heart

why do the augurs think caesar should stay home?


who does calpurnia tell caesar to send to the senate in his place?


who enters and says he has to take caesar to the senate?

he will be absent that day

what does caesar tell decius to tell the senators?


what does calpurnia think caesars excuse for absence should be?

he does not want to lie

why does caesar not go with calpurnias excuse?

he simply will not go, adding calpurnias dreams

what is caesars final reason for absence from the senate?

Romans will all gain lifeblood from the strength of Caesar

what does decius say caesars dream really means? (he is just trying to get caesar to go to the senate)

the senate has decided to give caesar the crown and may change their minds if he does not show

what does decius tell caesar about the senators to persuade him to go to the senate?

he would seem easily swayed by women or fear

why would caesar lose public regard by not showing up at the senate?

the conspirators

who enters to take caesar to the senate?


who comes onstage to read a letter?


who does artemidorus write a letter to?

be wary of Brutus, Casca, and the other conspirators

what does artemidorus warn caesar about in the letter?

sends brutus's servant to report back on the events at the senate

what does portia do during the senate?

he has not gone to the capitol yet

what does the soothsayer tell portia about caesar?

a soothsayer

who does portia ask about caesar?


who has the opening soliloquy?

fear that caesars rule may become tyrannical

why does brutus want to strike against caesar?

disagreement about where the sun will rise

where might the audience derive a negative judgement about the potential cohesiveness of the conspirators from?

takes the hands of each conspirator

how does brutus signify joining the conspirators?


how many proposals of cassius does brutus veto?

taking an oath, inducting cicero, killing antony

what proposals by cassius does brutus veto?

decius's reinterpretation of calpurnias dream

what causes caesar to go to the senate?

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