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carpo diem

seize the day- latin

ad infinitum

seeming to last for infinity- latin

ex post facto

after the fact- latin

faux pas

social error- french

ad hos

for this purpose, literally, committee- latin

savior faire

to know how to do- french

id est

this is- latin

per diem

per day- latin

coup d'etat

over throw of the state- french

entre nous

confidential, between us- french

per capita

perhead, average, for each- latin

au courant

stylish, up to date- french

bon vivant

sophisticated, to live well- french

caveat emptor

let the buyer beware- latin

mea culpa

through my fault- apoligy- latin

nom de plume

pen name- french

pro bono

for the good- latin

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