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Zimmerman Telegram
German proposal to Mexico which provoked Americans
"War To End War"
The anti-conquestial ideas that Americans were not entering the war for territory, but to bring peace
14 Points
a group of points composed of new and traditional ideas of foreign relations

freedom of the seas
arms reductions
self-determination of nations
Committee On Public Information
"Sold the war to Americans" George Creel
Espionage & Sedition Acts
reflected fears about Germans and border lined taking away rights gauranteed by the first ammendment
Schenk VS. U.S.
Freedom of speech can be revoked when it is a clear and present danger to the nation
National War Labor Board
during times of war, it provided the government with ways to head off labor disputes that might hamper the war effort
Paris Peace Conference/Versailles Treaty
Article X
"The League of Nations goes against isolationist ideals"
Great Migration
blacks are migrating to the north because of different jobs offered by the war
18th and 19th Ammendments
19th Ammendment gives women the right to vote
Woman's Role In The War
Women start working during the war and secure footholds in the workplace
Woman's Suffrage Association supports the war