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6 History 9

6th Grade History Chapter 9
Dark Continent
What is the nickname for Africa?
Did people know about Africa and its people?
Dry & Wet
Tell about the African climate?
What divides the continent in half?
north & south
Africa is the only continent to have deserts both ____ & ____ of the equator?
What's the largest desert in the world?
What half of Africa almost completely covers the desert?
The desert kept Africa isolated from _____ countries for centuries?
Lake Victoria
What's the source of the Nile river?
What's by the horn of Africa?
Nile River
What's the worlds longest River in the world?
Lake Chad
What lake supplies water for 4 different African countries?
Nasser & Volta
Name two lakes that are used for electricity:
earthquakes & volcanic activity
How were many mountains formed?
The African land has the largest ____ area of any continent:
What is between the Sahara & Kalahari Desert in an area of little rain?
antelope, giraffes, zebras, elephants, leopards, and lions
Name some animals that live on the Savanna:
tall grasses & widely spaced trees
What does a savanna have on the land, which is good for planting crops?
a written language
What did most of the people of Africa not have?
What African people, left their homes on the Benue River and traveled to Central & Eastern Africa?
What does it mean to move to another region?
Who are the people that study different languages and the way they change?
Who are people who study plants? (They trace the movements of people by their crops.)
200 years
How many years did it take the Bantu to cover half of the continent of Africa?
Who found caves with paintings on the walls?
they used weapons for fighting & hunting
What did the paintings tell archaeologists?
What did the paintings have, but no one knows what they mean?
Oral History
What are stories that are spoken and not written?
Official Rememberer
What did every village have and they learned the village history and taught the children about the past?
Who were the greatest of the nomadic people?
What did the Tuareg's use to make people fear them?
1. Tuareg could move across the Sahara desert
2. They used camel hide to make tents
3. From camel milk they made butter & cheese
What were camels used for?
Who were the nomadic people who originally lived in the Sudan, but migrated to Lake Victoria, Tanzania, and Uganda?
Who were the people that were tall, slender, and measured their social importance by the number of cattle they had?
Who migrated from the Benue River & much of the rest of Africa was settled by them? (At 1st they settled in the Congo Basin, but then they moved all the way to the tip of Africa.)
Who are very small people that lived deep in the rain forest of the Congo Basin?
Bushmen & Hottentots
Name 2 other groups that lived in the rain forest of the Congo Basin?
Click Language
What unusual language was spoken by the Bushmen?
Europeans & Dutch
Name 2 other groups that came to Africa & decided to move there?
empire of Aksum
The modern nation of Ethiopia was known as the ____?
wealthy & powerful
The empire of Aksum was what kind of kingdom?
stones, incense, gold, ivory, myrrh & elephants
What are the many goods that the empire of Aksum supplied to the Egyptian pharaohs?
What language did the people of Aksum speak?
King Ezana
What ruler make the empire of Aksum the strongest country in east Africa? (He became a Christian)
Muslim army
What army invaded Aksum & the kingdom disappeared?
empire of Ghana
Who did the African kings govern?
gold merchants
What kind of merchants lived in the empire of Ghana?
gold mines
What did they find on the land adjoining the kingdom of Ghana?
1. the merchants would place the goods on the boundary line & leave
2. Sudan people would leave "Gold" by the goods
3. If the merchants accepted the price, they would take the gold.
4. If the merchants did NOT accept the price, they would go away & wait for the Sudans to add more gold until the price was acceptable
What did the Ghana merchants do to sell their goods?